The Desert Eagle (or Deagle) was added into PUBG Mobile last year along with the BRDM-2 and the Ledge Grab ability in the 0.15.0 update. The Desert Eagle is a powerful gun that has been very familiar with experienced FPS players in games such as CS:GO. Even though it is a pistol, it has a massive damage output, making it the favorite weapon choice for many players.

 Desert Eagle csgo
Desert Eagle is a famous pistol in CS:GO because of its insane power that can one-shot people

So what is Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile? Is it as powerful as everyone makes it out to be? We will answer these questions in this article and show you the ability of this weapon.

What Is Desert Eagle In PUBG Mobile? Desert Eagle Introduction

The Desert Eagle was introduced first in PUBG PC before it made its way to PUBG Mobile. Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile damage is 62 per shot. That means it can one-shot players with no Helmet and two-shot players with any Helmet.

Its effective range is 100 meters, which is quite far away. The Desert Eagle uses .45 ACP ammo, which you can find easily on the map in PUBG Mobile.

The default magazine size of the Desert Eagle is 7 and can be extended to 10. It has a rate of fire of 240 RPM and a muzzle velocity of 450m/s.

Desert Eagle stat
The Desert Eagle In PUBG Mobile has a huge amount of damage per shot of 62, more than all DMRs

As a powerful handgun, you can also equip more attachment to it to make it stronger. You can attach a Red Dot/ Holographic Sight, a Laser Sight, a Magazine.A Red Dot/ Holographic Sight is great to increase the accuracy of the weapon while an Extended Mag can help with the low bullet capacity.

Desert Eagle attachment
The Desert Eagle In PUBG Mobile can use all the attachment of Pistol including a Red Dot/ Holographic Sight, a Laser Sight, a Magazine

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Where To Find Desert Eagle In PUBG Mobile?

The Desert Eagle can be found in all maps in PUBG Mobile. Here are some of the few locations where you can find the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile: School Apartments, Rozhok, Pochinki, and Severny. But if you really want to try out this weapon, you would want to pick an area with few people instead of jumping in a hot drop.

Desert Eagle In Pubg Mobile
How to get Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile? You can find it on any map

You can also enter the Training Ground in PUBG Mobile to try it out as long as you want to.

How To Use Desert Eagle In PUBG Mobile?

While the Desert Eagle is the most powerful handgun in PUBG Mobile, it is still a handgun and you need to know how to use it properly to utilize its power. With a high damage per shot and a fairly slow fire rate, it is the best for you to always aim for the head of your opponent. Its power is pretty much the same as a DMR in close to the middle range combats. In close range, you can get the maximum accuracy out of it without even have to ADS.

Desert Eagle In Pubg Mobile
The Desert Eagle is pretty much the same as a DMR in close to the middle range combats

You should peak and hide while fighting against an opponent with an AR or SMG to minimize the disadvantage of this weapon. While it is hard to use if you are good enough, you can totally get a Chicken Dinner using it only.

A Red Dot/ Holographic Sight and an Extended Mag can be really helpful to increase the accuracy and the poor bullet capacity of the Desert Eagle. These attachments are very common on all maps in PUBG Mobile and you can find them very easily.

ar Pubg Mobile
You can switch to the Desert Eagle when your ARs run out of ammo to keep the pressure on your enemy

Normally, after the early game, you only use the Desert Eagle as a side weapon that you can switch to when your AR is out of bullets while soloing. This way you don't have to waste time reloading your gun and give your enemy an out. The .45 ammo type of the Desert Eagle takes very little space in your backpack so you don't have to worry about not having the slot for other stuff.

pickup desert eagle in pubg mobile
The Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile use .45 ammo which doesn't take up much space

Also, you can always use remove all the .45 ammo and only keep the 10 bullets inside the Desert Eagle. You waste no space in your backpack at all by doing this.

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