Win 94 PUBG Mobile used to be one of the worst weapons in the game, if not the worst. It was the only sniper rifle in the whole game that can't use any scope at all and that was one giant ironic. Luckily, in the latest 0.18.0 update of PUBG Mobile, the dev has shown some mercy to the weapon and gave it an x2.7 scope. Now the weapon is actually viable to use and no longer in the never-pick-up list. So here in this article, we will show you all the information about the Win 94 PUBG Mobile and the best way to use it.

pubg 0.18.0 update
The Win 94 got an x2.7 scope in the 0.18.0 of PUBG Mobile

1. Win 94 PUBG Mobile Overview

Win 94 PUBG Mobile location: Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Miramar is where to find Win 94 PUBG Mobile the most.

Win 94 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. Win94 PUBG damage is 66. While it the weakest one, it can still one-shot enemies who have an Lv 1 Helmet. When compared to other bolt-action snipers in PUBG Mobile, Win 94 has an impressive Rate of Fire of only 0.6 seconds. That means you can quickly follow up with the second bullet before your target runs away into safety.

While the Win 94 PUBG Mobile uses .45 ammo instead of 7.63 ammo, the bullet speed and range of the Win 94 is roughly the same as the Kar98 and the M24, making it a quite precise weapon in long-range fights. The reload time of the Win 94 is 4 seconds, roughly the same as the other snipers.

win94 pubg mobile
Win94 PUBG Mobile stat

Win 94 only has one attachment slot for the Bullet Loops for a faster reload speed. It also now comes with an x2.7 scope by default, making it quite decent in the early game. Comparing this weapon to the VSS, the Win 94 is actually slightly better. While the VSS has a better rate of fire, a Silencer, it can't finish enemies as quickly as the Win94.

2. Win 94 PUBG Mobile Guide

Since this is not the most powerful weapon in the game, you will have to be more careful while using it in order to win fights. As mentioned above, the Win 94 PUBG Mobile can kill a player with an Lv 1 Helmet so always tries to take down these enemies with one bullet. If you miss the head but still hit them, you can quickly fire another one to finish them off thanks to the fast rate of fire.

helmet pubg mobile
Win94 PUBG Mobile can take down a player with Lv1 Helmet with 1 shot

One thing that many players do with sniper rifles in fights is that they took too aim. This quite dangerous because they are increasing the chance of getting spotted by enemies and occasionally, might even get killed by other snipers. While it is hard for casual players to have a fast and precise aim, it is still better to miss your shot than to aim for too long, maybe unless when your enemies have zero clues about where you are at the moment.

Win 94 Pubg Mobile
Win 94 scope PUBG Mobile is an x2.7

The right tactics when you are in a long range battle is when same as the way you use the Win 94 PUBG Mobile. You aim and you shoot as fast as possible to protect yourself and kill the opponent before they escape to a safe place. You don't even have to be afraid about getting out of ammo with the Win 94 since .45 ammo is all over the places.

Apart from these things above, we will show you some important notes for you when using sniper rifles in general in PUBG Mobile to be more effective. Just jumping in a battle not awarding of your situation will only give you disadvantages. There are 3 things you need to consider before making a shot: a good line of sight, stationary target, good shooting position.

A good line of sight

Obviously you cannot shoot enemies if you can't see them, but if the target is moving vertically you will be able to hit them easier than when they are moving horizontally. You also would want to wait until your target is in an area with little to no cover to start shooting or else they can just hide.

sniper pubg mobile
It is easier to sniper while the target is moving vertically

A stationary target

These targets are the best if you can spot them when roaming around the map. Even a Win94 PUBG Mobile can kill people who stay still

With a DMR you need to be able to at least hit these targets twice, one in the head and one in the body before they realize. This is all just about recoil control.

Win 94 Pubg Mobile
You should try to hit a target twice with a DMR before they realize

If your target is running, you will need to lead your shot in front of them a little bit in order to hit. This is the hardest skill in PUBG Mobile that even pro players cannot fully master. There are simply just too many elements to take into account such as range, moving speed,  moving direction to hit precisely 100%. However, with a lot of practice and experience, you will be able to increase your hit rate significantly.

A good shooting position

You need to find a spot with covers and not being exposed to places that other players can flank you. Normally, players would snipe from the top of a hill or from the inside of a building. These places are safe but you can still become an easier target for other snipers if you stand still in a place with your scope on or peek at the same spot multiple times.

When you are tracking, shooting a target from far away, don't put your 100% attention on them because your gun is making loud noises that will attract players nearby. Sometimes, you will have to abandon your target to win the game.

sniper pubg
Positioning is the key to become a good sniper in PUBG Mobile

Also, you should not engage a sniper battle with someone who has an Lv 3 Helmet especially when you are using the Win 94 PUBG Mobile as it is impossible to pop them in one shot while they can. It's better to find another approach such as forcing close-range combat.

In a sniper battle, try to move around to another position instead of competing to see who can land a headshot first unless you are confident of your skill.

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