M762 vs AKM PUBG, which AR gun is better? To answer this question, let’s do a brief comparison between these two powerful assault rifle guns in PUBG Mobile. This article will compare these two weapons in some major and significant criteria, such as damage, recoil, effective range, attachments, etc. Here we go!

1. M762 Vs AKM PUBG: Similarities

M762 is also called Beryl in PUBG. Both AKM and Beryl use 7.62 ammo. In addition, these two guns are very powerful and effective in close combat and medium-range combat. Besides, players can use similar attachments for both Beryl and AKM, such as mag, scope, and muzzles. In addition, M762 and AKM have the same ammo speed of 715m/s. The effective ranges of these two weapons are similar (from 0-1000m).

Pubg Mobile Akm Status
PUBG Mobile AKM Status

Next, AKM and Beryl have the same number of bullets in an ammo load (30 without the mag and 40 with extended mag). Besides, the reloading speed of these two guns is also the same (2.9s without quickdraw mag, and 2.25s with a quickdraw mag). Moreover, the spawning rate of AKM and Beryl in all four maps of the game is not different. You can easily find an AKM or a Beryl when landing on Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, or Vikendi.

Pubg M762 Status
The stats of the newer AR gun: M762 a.k.a Beryl. It came to PUBG later than AKM.

If you are a fan of this shooting game, you will also know that AKM and Beryl M762 have great recoil. So, it requires excellent skills from PUBG players. These two guns are more difficult to control than the iconic AR gun: M416 in this game. Therefore, you need to make sure that you practice shooting with AKM and M762 well enough before engaging in any combat.

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2. M762 Vs AKM PUBG: Differences

However, Beryl M762 and AKM have many differences. Check them out below.

M762 vs AKM PUBG Mobile: Damage And DPS

The very first criterion to compare two weapons is the damage. The damage of AKM is a little higher than that of Beryl M762. In 10-meter range, the body damage of AKM is 49 while it’s 47 in Beryl M762. Besides, the headshot damage of AKM is 115.1, and Beryl’s headshot damage is 110.4. The damage also declines when your enemies wear helmets and military vets. But the power of AKM is still a little larger.

Beryl Is Harder To Control In Auto Firing Mode
Beryl Is Harder To Control In Auto Firing Mode Due To Larger Recoil

Damage per second (DPS) is another criterion to compare M762 and AKM. Although AKM has bigger damage, this AR gun has lower DPS than Beryl. The DPS of AKM is 490 while Beryl M762 causes 546 DPS. It’s because of the higher firing rate of the Beryl gun. Therefore, is the auto mode, M762 can be stronger than AKM of you can control it well and shoot correctly. But in a single firing mode, AKM is better.

PUBG M762 Vs AKM: Firing Rate

As mentioned in the first criterion, Beryl M762 has a higher firing rate than AKM. The gap time between the first and the second bullet of Beryl is 0.086s while in AKM, it takes 0.1s. It means that the firing rate of AKM is 600 bullets per minute. Meanwhile, Beryl’s firing rate is up to 698 bullets per minute. That’s also the reason why M762’s recoil is larger than AKM in auto mode. But in the single mode, AKM is more difficult to control.

Akm Firirng Rate Is Smaller
AKM'sFiring Rate Is Smaller, so it's less recoil than Beryl M762

PUBG Mobile M762 vs AKM: Firing Mode

Comparing M762 vs AKM PUBG in the firing mode, it seems that M762 surpasses AKM. There are only two firing modes in AKM, including single and auto. But Beryl M761 has another Burst firing mode beside Single and Auto as normal. In Burst Mode, the gun releases three bullets per shot. And the gap time between each bullet is 0.012s.

Beryl Has More Firing Modes Than Akm
Beryl Has More Firing Modes Than AKM, including single, burst, and auto

M762 Vs AKM PUBG: Attachments

In this criterion, Beryl M762 once again surpasses AKM when it has one more attachment slot than AKM. There are only three attachment slots in AKM, including mag, muzzle, and scope. Meanwhile, the Beryl M762 has four slots, including three slots like in the AKM and a slot for the grip. You are recommended to attach a vertical grip to this gun to reduce the recoil and control it better.

Pubg Mobile Akm Has Three Attachment Slots
PUBG Mobile AKM Has Three Attachment Slots, Including Mag, Muzzle, And Sight.

M762 vs AKM PUBG Mobile: Iron Sight

The iron sight of the AKM is easier to use than M762. It’s clearer with the less covered areas when you aim with the iron sight. But in Beryl M762, the covered area is pretty larger. So, if you cannot find a scope or red dot to attach, you should use AKM for better aiming with an iron sight.

M762 Iron Sight
The iron sight of M762 is not as clear as AKM's iron sight. So, it's harder to aim and shoot.

PUBG Mobile M762 vs AKM: Skins

As a fan of PUBG or PUBG Mobile, you should know that AKM has more skins than M762. It’s because AKM came to this game sooner than M762. Therefore, the game publisher, as well as players, seems to favor the AKM over the Beryl gun. It’s understandable when AKM has accompanied with PUBG players right from the first days of this game.

These are some significant similarities and differences between two AR guns: M762 vs AKM PUBG. After briefly comparing these two weapons, it’s hard to say which AR is better. Both of them are powerful, hard to control, and sounds loud. But Beryl M762 surpasses AKM in firing mode and firing rate. But AKM is better in damage and less recoil in auto mode. In short, based on your skills and these significant differences, you can choose your favorite gun to use.

Akm Has More Gun Skins Than M762
AKM has more gun skins than M762

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