From Australian-based studio Updog Games, we have the upcoming title of Space Traitors. You can think of this as a digital board game in which you’ll have to sit down with a group of friends, but all actions are performed through your phones. This means all the decisions you make will not be visible to others, and all players will watch the events play out via a shared PC screen. The game is set to make its way to the Google Play Store in the near future, check out its trailer below:

Space Traitors is a game for 2-4 players, who will become the remnants of a robot crew on an abandoned spaceship. At first, the goal is to progress from room to room solving various challenges to collect machine parts in order to fix the damaged escape pods.

Space Traitors 1
At first, the goal is to complete challenges to collect material and repair the escape pods

However, as the ship has been left unattended for so long, the AI of the ship has become corrupted. It's now trying to find a new best friend and thus will attempt to turn one of the players against the others.  As the game goes on, the AI’s power will grow until it reaches a point where it’s strong enough to turn a player into a traitor, whose task is then to destroy everyone else to become the only robot left.

Space Traitors 2
If you become the traitor, your task is then to eliminate everyone else. All actions are performed through phones, so you'll be able to carry out your plans in secret

With such a premise, it’s a brilliant decision by the developer to have the phones act as controllers. If you get turned into the traitor, the AI will deliver information directly to your phone, so your friends won’t have a clue. This means you’ll be able to plan your betrayal in secret.

Space Traitors is announced to be coming to Google Play in the near future, though no exact release date has been confirmed at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates.