As the Diwali festival is getting close, Garena is slowly releasing new Diwali events with great, rewards, offers, discounts,... In the latest Diwali Level Up Shop event, players will be able to get SCAR Royale Warrior Bundle and Warrior Prince bundle with a great discount. In this article, we will show you how to join this event and get the items.

Diwalo Level Up Event
Diwali Level Up Shop is now available in Free Fire.

Free Fire Diwali Level Up Shop Event

Event duration: October 20 to October 26

First, when you enter the event, you get to spin to get a random discount offer for the items in the Level 1 shop. This discount applies to all items in the Level 1 shop, including the Grand Prize. To unlock Level 2 shop Level 3 shop, you need to spend 30 Diamonds and 60 Diamonds respectively. The Diamonds spent are accumulated across all shops.

Diwalo Level Up Event 1
Buy items in the Level 1 shop to unlock Level 2 shop and Level 3 shop.

When you first unlock Level 2 and Level 3 shop, you can spin more to get additional discounts on top of your current discount. The new discount will only apply to the current shop.

For example, you got a 70% discount on the Level 1 shop. When you unlock the Level 2 shop, you got another 3% discount. You will only get a 73% discount on your Level 2 shop only.

Diwalo Level Up Event 2
You will get additional discounts when you unlock higher-level shops.

You can get a discount of up to 95% when reaching the third shop. Each shop features a different grand prize.

  • Level 1 shop: Magic Features Backpack
  • Level 2 shop: SCAR Royale Warrior bundle
  • Level 3 shop: Warrior Prince Bundle

Other than these Grand Prizes, Free Fire Diwali Level Up Shop event also offers other items such as characters, vouchers, skins, you can get, all with very low prices thanks to the discount.

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