A lot of players in Free Fire love an aggressive playstyle to get more kills in a match. This is a very risky playstyle as you can die with a little bit of unlucky. Having the right characters will help you a lot in these situations using their abilities. Having the right combination of characters will significantly increase your chance of winning a fight and winning a match.

In this article, we will show you the best characters in Free Fire for rusher players.

1. Hayato Awaken

Passive ability: With every 10% HP missing, Armor Penetration increases by 10%, frontal damage reduction increases by 6%.

Hayato's ability straight out makes you deal more damage and increases your survivability whenever your HP drops, which is what happens in every single fight. This will give you a lot of advantages over the enemy in a face-to-face fight. That's why Hayato is always listed in top passive skills for rushers in Free Fire, regardless of new characters added after every update.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato Awaken increase both your survivability and damage.

2. Alok

Active ability: Alok creates a circle with a 5-meter diameter around him, which provides 5 hp/second and 15% movement speed for 10 seconds.

Alok has always been one of the best characters in Free Fire because of his OP active ability. He can heal you up to 50 HP along with a huge movement speed boost, making you much harder to deal with.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
Alok's Drop The Beat ability can provide healing and movement speed boost.

3. Moco Awaken

Passive ability: Tag enemies shot for 5 seconds. Extend the duration by up to 6.5  the longer they move.

Moco is used universally among all pro players in Free Fire simply because her ability is just too good. Knowing the location of the enemies will give a lot of strategic advantages and prevent them from being able to escape.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
Moco Awaken is always the go-to option for all players.

4. Otho

Passive ability: After eliminating an enemy, the positions of other enemies within 50 meters of the eliminated enemy will be revealed to the whole team.

Otho is one of the latest characters in Free Fire. Otho skill is exceptionally good in Battle Royale Squad mode. Knowing the location of teammates of the one you just take down will help you make a better decision to stay or run and fight. You can also set up your team for an ambush using this information.

Free Fire Otho
Otho is the latest character in Free Fire.

5. Jota

Passive ability: When using guns, hitting an enemy will recover some HP for the user, knocking down an enemy will recover 20% HP for the user.

Jota recently got buffed and his skill now works with all weapons. In addition, it also gives players when you hit enemies, giving you a little bit more sustainment during combats. However, the best part about his skill is that you will get 20% instantly after you kill an enemy.

Ob29 Jota Free Fire
Jota got buffed in the OB29 update

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