Maze of Magic is an upcoming puzzle game where you try to escape from a … well, maze of magic. Basically, what you have to do is getting in there, collecting some Magic Scrolls, and then disappearing before the evil sorcerer Zordak can catch you.

That’s definitely easier said than done as you’ll have plenty of magical traps to overcome. Not only that, but Zordak will also cast various spells to hinder your progress. Maybe he’ll conjure up new traps or make the floor disappear right under your feet. Honestly, though, you have to wonder why he doesn’t just drop a fireball on your head and be done with it.

Maze Of Magic Launch Trailer

More than 40 levels and a huge collection of characters to unlock

There are over 40 levels for you to go through in this game, with more promised to be coming in the future. Each level is procedurally generated so you’ll never know what lies ahead. This means the challenge is always there every time you come back. Also, the layout maze will constantly change during your game as well. All of this combined result in an incredible level of replayability.

Maze Of Magic Traps
Plenty of traps that you have to navigate

Moreover, there is even a time limit to add to the difficulty. To make it out alive, you must always be keeping track of the clock while still navigating all the traps and shifting paths. Luckily, you have a compass that will help you stay on the right way, be sure to make good use of it!

In term of visuals, the game looks pretty decent even though it has a more simplistic design. Aside from the base character, there are several others such as warriors, wizards, or even skeletons that you can unlock by spending premium currency. It looks like this is just a cosmetic change and won’t have any impact on the actual gameplay, though.

Maze Of Magic Layout
The levels are procedurally generated

Maze of Magic is coming this month on the 26th, and it will be an iOS exclusive. For more information, check out the game’s official website.