PUBG Corps. has just announced the Indian version of PUBG Mobile on November 12... and since then, fans have been clambering around for some more information related to the new version of the game. This announcement was made just a few days after the last remaining server was shut down.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Indian Version.

1 -  What are the confirmed Game changes in PUBG Mobile Indian Version?

Green Hit Effect

It is likely that there would not be blood in the game anymore, with characters bleeding green when hit with bullets.


Time Restricting Feature

It is likely that we would not be able to grind in PUBG Mobile anymore - there would be various methods to discourage that. It is unclear which one would be used... but you might be booted out of the game after reaching the time limit.

Pubg Mobile 6 Hour Per Day Restriction In India 4d

Default Character Clothing

The clothing of the two default characters would be changed.

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2 - Exclusive Esports League For India

While PUBG Corps has announced that they will be holding an exclusive Esports League for India... it would pretty much be the same as previously, as South Asian teams are not really as good as Indian Teams anyway.

The new Esports League would be the largest amongst all regions.

3 - PUBG Mobile Indian Teasers


No release date available yet, however.

New Website

A new website was set up for PUBG Mobile India - currently, it only features the links to the official handles and social media posts. Some users were able to access the APK download and Google Play Store section... but those links weren't active.

The site is probably under development and would be released soon.

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