A couple of days ago, PUBG Corps announced a new version of PUBG Mobile for India. The country would join Korea to become one of the few markets with its own version of the game. However, the road to get PUBG Mobile to be re-admitted to the country was not that easy at all - PUBG Corps has to jump through a lot of hoops... and one of them is Playtime Restriction.

Pubg Mobile India 1

In this article, we would discuss this alleged new controversial "feature" of PUBG Mobile India and how to bypass it.

1 - What is "Playtime Restriction"?

This is a feature often found in Chinese or Korean online games - in that country, gaming is a serious business and you have to use a Government ID to register and log into some games. This feature would not shut off the game completely after the maximum playtime of the day has been reached... but it would remove all rewards like experience or items drops or stats that players should be able to gain when the time limit is passed.

However, there is a more aggressive version - it would automatically shut down the game and prevent you to log in - and it is possible that PUBG Mobile is going to use this version... as it has happened in the past.

Pubg Mobile 6 Hour Per Day Restriction In India

The other version with rewards removed is better, of course. You would still be able to play PUBG Mobile, of course, but you would get no exp whatsoever. It remains to be seen which version would be added to the game.

2 - Why is this feature added?

The Indian Government has been concerned about PUBG Mobile's popularity for a while - and like all governments, they are worried that the Indian Youth would get too hooked to the game and cause a lot of other problems down the line. We have probably all heard about those cases of PUBG Mobile players doing illegal things because of the game.

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This feature would limit the playtime of gamers and encourage them to have a healthy gaming habit.

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