ARs (Assault Rifles) are the most versatile type of weapon in Free Fire because they have decent damage, range, and fire rate.

In the latest OB24 update, Free Fire has introduced a new AR gun to the game called Parafal. What does this new weapon capable of? Will be it super overpowers or will it be forgotten? Let's find out about that in this article.

Free Fire has introduced a new AR gun to the game called Parafal in the OB24 update

Free Fire Parafal Stats

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All the stats we know so far about the new Parafal AR in Free Fire

Below are the stats of the new Parafal AR:

  • Damage: 48
  • Magazine: 30
  • Rate of Fire: 0.245

The Parafal can be attached with a Muzzle, Scope, Stock, Magazine, and Grip.

Free Fire Parafal Overview

Based on the stat of the weapon, we can easily see that the Parafal is more suitable for mid to long-range fights with a scope. The low fire rate of the weapon does not allow it to become an effective close-range weapon such as SMGs and shotguns.

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Parafal is not likely to be able to replace popular AR in Free Fire such as SCAR and AKM because of its low damage

We also notice that the damage of the weapon is low when compared to other popular ARs such as Groza, AKM, and SCAR. There are still other stats that we don't know yet about this weapon such as accuracy, range, reload speed. The gun also allows players to attach different type s of attachments to make it more effective in combats.

But overall, it hard to see that Parafal is going to break the game and become everyone's next favorite AR.

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