When talking about a game like Free Fire, people always think of it as a male dominant field, especially in the pro esports scene. We all see pro teams full of guys heading to the stadium to fight for the glory but I bet no one knows that the ones who led them to the victory behind the scene were actually these young beautiful girls.

Who are they? How did they end up joining the Free Fire esports scene? Let's together find out about it in this article.


VGM.BBong is the coach for the Vietnamese Free Fire pro team VGM. Her hobby is playing video games, studying languages, and shopping.

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Talking about her route of becoming a Free Fire coach, VGM.BBong says that she also didn't expect this. She started out as a streamer for VGM and then became the manager for different games in VGM and finally became the manager and coach for the Free Fire team VGM .

She has shown her talent by leading VGM to win 2 major Free Fire tournaments in Vietnam twice.


PQ.Nini is the manager of the Vietnamese Free Fire team PQ. According to Nini, she got into Free Fire when a friend of hers invited her to play along during college. At first, the game was too hard for her so she quit it for 3 months. But then she played with her friend more and more until it has become her passion before she even realized it.

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Nini says that Free Fire has a lot of special and unique features that she loves a lot.


RK.Eny is the coach of the Free Fire team Rick Kid. Just like every other girl, her hobby is shopping, traveling, and playing video games, and live streaming. She used to be a pro player with quite good results in the tournament.

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When she chose to go with her gaming route, there has been a lot of struggle due to people's biases toward girl gamers, but she didn't care about them and kept chasing her dream.


RSG.Sa-15T is the coach of the Free Fire team Resurgence. Her biggest hobby is playing Free Fire. Her favorite mode is the Rush Hour mode.

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Sa-15T knew Free Fire through an online advertisement. She has been in multiple Free Fire tournament with high placements. She led also led Resurgence to the third place of a big tournament and won 4,7 Lakh.

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