Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena in 2017 for Android and iOS devices. Free Fire gained the title of the most-downloaded game in 2019. The game stands out from other titles by constantly adding different unique features into the game every season such as new characters, new items, new skins,...

The new OB24 update is now available on Free Fire, bringing tons of new changes and features to the game. This patch is named Booyah Patch Day. In this patch, we will have some major change in weapons, gameplay, map,...

Free Fire booyah day
The OB24 Update - The Booyah DAy Patch has arrived Free Fire with tons of new features

We have leaked many features in this update in several articles but this new Free Fire Team Boost feature is something that we don't you to miss because of how cool it is.

What is this new Free Fire  Team Boost feature?

Team Boost is not the name of a new item but a feature that all players can do easily. If you are a fan of spy action movies, you might have seen scenes where a character jump on a high wall with the help of their friend by jumping on their hands or shoulder. This is exactly what you will be able to do in Free Fire with this new feature.

First, you need to have a teammate and ask him to sit down. After that, you can jump on them and then jump again to jump over a wall or to reach higher places. With this new trick, players can have a new way to surprise enemies by appearing in unexpected locations.

 Free Fire Team Boost
First, you need to have a teammate and ask them to sit down
 Free Fire Team Boost
You can jump on top of your teammate to make higher jumps

Of course, you can't do this alone since you need a teammate to jump on so it is useless in Solo mode.

To further understand how this feature works you can watch the video below.

Tips on using the new Free Fire Team Boost Feature

Before the update, there is actually already a way for players to do this kind of jump but with a car instead of your teammate. There also car tires around the map for you to jump on and have a boost but they are in fixed places on the map.

 Free Fire
Before the update, there is actually already a way for players to do this kind of jump but with a car

However, a car can attract a lot of attention and you can't use it to drive around all the time, especially when you are trying to enemies off guard.

Meanwhile, with the new Free Fire Team Boost, you can freely fo it any time you want. Furthermore, you can even have your teammate jump on a car and sit down so you can jump on them to reach even higher places.

Free Fire camp
You can climb on top of a building and lie down to camp other players

The most common tactic you can use with this feature is to jump over a wall to kill the enemies on the other side while they are expecting you to go around. You can also reach the roof of some certain low buildings to lie down and kill players who pass by.

Other cool gameplay features in OB24 updates

Other than the Free Fire Team Boost feature, here are all the cool gameplay features in the OB24 update you should know about.

 Free Fire ob24
The OB24 update of Free Fire brings 3 new cool features to the games

Skill Cooldown display

Now the cooldown of your skill will be shown more clearly so you can easily tell when they are about to be ready. This way, you can plan ahead to engage enemies at the right time.

Cook Grenade

Now, you will be able to cook your Grenade before you throw it. With good timing, you can make your grenade explode right after you throw at your opponent, giving them no chance to react. Of course, if you wait for too long after pulling the pin, the grenade will explode, killing you and all your nearby teammates.

Free Fire cook grenade
You can now cook your grenade before you throw and so your enemies cannot react

This will be a very essential skill that all Free Fire players need to know from now on so make sure you learn how to use it.

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