Sit tight and prepare yourself for the new Garena Free Fire OB24 update that’s coming today, September 23rd. It brings a plethora of exciting features to the battlegrounds, including the new Parafal AR. But the fun does not stop there. Many players seem occupied with the features on the surface and totally forget about the silent change in the Anti-Hack system. For those who have suffered from terrible gaming experience due to hackers and cheaters, this piece of news is really a blessing!

Free Fire Anti Hack System
No hackers are allowed!

About OB24 Update Anti-Hack System in Garena Free Fire

As revealed by the game’s publisher Garena, the new Anti-Hack system in the OB24 update will employ state of the art technologies, courtesy of experts in the field of detecting cheating behaviors. It’s the combination of space-age tech and human power, with a new to completely eliminate cheaters in Garena Free Fire. The major difference in the latest update is that any player detected using a third-party program to interfere or alter the state of the game will be removed immediately from the lobby. 

Free Fire Ob24 Update Release Date
The new Anti-Hack system will come after today's update

This is a huge improvement from the earlier version of the Anti-Hack system. Previously, the system would scan to detect cheating behaviors after the match ended. That’s when hackers tend to restart their Free Fire application. The new system is more effective in the sense that it immediately kick hackers out after detecting problems. It’s then followed by a ban on the account. 

banner free fire
Hackers will be kicked and banned immediately

For “clean” players, they will not suffer because of the system. We’re still on the journey to fight back against hackers and unfair gaming experience. The new Anti-Hack system may be a great move from Garena, but only time can tell whether it’s effective or not. 

About OB24 Update Schedule

As informed by Garena Free Fire on its social media channels, the new OB24 Update will hit the live server today. The maintenance period starts at 10:00 am IST and concludes at 5:30 pm IST. After that, players can download the update file by hand via APK or update the game directly on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It’s expected to weigh about 370 MB for Android devices and 500 MB for iOS phones.

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Remember to update Free Fire!