Garena Free Fire's new content update is coming to the live server tomorrow, 23rd September. The BOOYAH Day patch will allow Survivors to enjoy the world’s most popular BR game on the mobile platform in their native language. This definitely speaks volumes about Garena’s efforts to localized the game for the Indian gaming community. On top of the new language option, Free Fire's latest patch also brings Clash Squad Ranked Season 3, the AR Parafal, the new “The Arena” spawn island, among some improvements as requested by players.

checki new free fire booyah
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What's New on Garena Free Fire's Next Update?

The exclusive reward for Clash Squad Ranked Season 3 is a Golden Famas. Players need to reach at least Gold III to acquire this golden version of the highly sought-after bullpup-styled Assault Rifle. Survivors will have to use everything they have to climb the ladder. Experience, Razor-sharp wits, and flexible thumbs are all the qualities of the champion.

parafal free fire
Check out the new Parafal AR

Next, let's check out the new Assault Rifle Parafal while we're still in the weapon division. Garena Free Fire is introducing it shortly after the BOOYAH Day update. This AR owns an incredible stopping power and extreme range. Yet, it lacks the fire rate, which may give your opponents an advantage if you miss your shot.

If you're not a very good sharpshooter yourself, don't worry too much. This update also allows the cooking of grenades. If you somehow fail to do both of them,  just use Scan to detect nearby vehicles and make a getaway. This feature will also be available in the upcoming update.

training island update
Training Island is updated!

As players commented, Free Fire has now changed the Training Grounds for friends to hang out with ease. The spawn points have been optimized and new features are added. Survivors can now spawn close to each other when entering the social zone, playing in the new Target Arcade mini-game, blasting each other with the new Flamethrower, or hanging out in the private movie theater.

Spawn Island
Have fun on the new Spawn Island

For those who have a competitive spirit, check out the brand-new “The Arena” spawn island - specifically designed for the Free Fire Continental Series 2020. Last but not least, Survivors can now sync their settings and HUD preferences across updates and devices. The Free Fire Cloud enables them to upload, download, and overwrite their configuration in the settings menu.

Weapon adjustment
Weapon adjustment