MP40 is one of the most favorite SMGs in Free Fire because of its stability and power. You can make it more reliable and powerful with proper gun skin. Let's compare and find out the best weapon skin for this SMG.

Free Fire Evo MP40

Predator Cobra is a new evolutionary gun skin of MP40. This upgradeable gun skin helps increase the damage and rate of fire to make this gun more powerful in close-range combat. Especially, the damage is boosted greatly.

Evo Mp40
Evo MP40 is the newest gun skin in this game.

However, the reload speed decreased slightly. This new Evo gun skin can be upgraded to get further effects, such as Kill Announcement, New Look, Hit Effect, Fire Effect, etc. In short, it's a worth-obtain gun skin in Free Fire.

Evo Skin For Close Combat
Choose Evo Skin For Close Combat

Poker MP40 Gun Skin

Like Evo skin of MP40, Poker skin also boost the damage and firing rate of this SMG. However, the range of fire drops a bit. These skins are named Flashing Spade and tagged with the caption "Go all in! Be the ultimate player".

Poker Mp40
Poker MP40 is sparkling and fancy.

It will become a beast in close fights and open fights with greater damage. You can take down the target in only one second. Moreover, you can be the ultimate player when using Chono's skill to make a shield when engaging.

Poker Mp40 For Fraggers
It's the best choice for aggressive players.

Mechanical MP40 Skin

Mechanical is not a new gun skin in this game. However, it's still one of the most favorite gun skins thanks to its benefits. This stunning gun skin helps boost the damage and range of MP40. However, the reloading speed declines a bit.

Mech Girl Mp40
Mechanical skin looks simple but stunning.

Therefore, you will lose the advantage of this SMG in close-range combat. But this gun skin makes MP40 stronger and more effective in mid-range engagements. Moreover, it's easier to obtain this gun skin. Besides, it's a better choice if you prefer a simple gun skin.

Mech Girl Mp40 Better For Mid Range Fights
It's Better For Mid Range Fights

In short, Cobra and Poker are better for close-range combat in this shooting game. However, Mechanical skin is better for mid-range combat. If you are a squad fragger and an aggressive player, Poker the best choice for you.