Ever since FAU-G was announced by the famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, it has been one of the main subjects to talk about across the gaming community in India.

Fau G Memes 1200
The reaction about the game was mixed

The reaction of the community was mixed. People have been making all kinds of memes and rumors about the game such as how the posters were taken from another game and how the announcements were made right after the PUBG Mobile ban in India or that the game was conceptualized by Sushant Singh Rajput, the Bollywood actor who suicided recently at his own house.

There are baseless rumors floating around the internet about FAU-G and the recently passed away actor Sushant Singh Rajput


These rumors just came out of nowhere and started spreading like a plague to the point that many people believe that they were all true, making FAU-G the most controversial game so far.

Amidst this mess, nCore Games, the developer of FAU-G, has to take action to control the situation. They released an official statement saying that people who are spreading fake news about their game will have to hold accountable in front of the law for their actions.

The Bombay City Civil Court has passed an order against people who are re-posting tweets, sharing posts, sending messages, and videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube,... They also contacted these platforms about their concern and Twitter, Google, and Linkedln had made a statement before the court that they will fully comply with this order.

In short, any individual who spread false statements on any social media about GOQii Technologies Private Limited, Studio nCore Private Limited , Mr. Visha Gondal, Mr. Akshay Kumar, or any employee or representative of FAU-G will be liable for contempt of Court.

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