Being brought back in-game since May 2020, the Clash Squad Rank Mode is the favorite mode of many Free Fire players as it allows teams to compete with each other in 4v4 battles. While there are two teams fighting against the other in 7 rounds, the first team to win 4 rounds will be the winner.

When it comes to the Clash Squad Rank Mode, there are a lot of unique features of policies that are different from other modes in-game and AFK Penalty is one of the most crucial ones you need to know, not only to get your team booyah but also to avoid being banned from the game.

Free Fire Afk
AFK Will get you banned

Upon several complaints regarding many players who were found to be away-from-keyboard (AFK) while playing in the Clash Squad Mode (Rank), in June 2020, Garena has announced its updated AFK Penalty System for the mode as any players who is recorded to be 120 seconds away from the match will lose the game and received 1 AFK point. Once your AFK point reaches 8, you will be banned from the CS Rank Mode. Here are the details of the AFK Penalty System:

What Is Afk In Freefire Clash Squad Ranked Ban How
Just don't do it

AFK Penalty System for Clash Squad Rank Mode in Free Fire

  • Any players who are absent midway while playing the Clash Squad Rank Mode for longer than 120 seconds will be considered as AFK no matter the reason.
  • If you get disconnected and unable to get back to the match before the first 120 seconds, you will also be considered AFK in-game.
  • If you’re connected but do not take any actions in-game, the same penalty will be applied.
  • Players who are AFK from the match will be automatically counted as a loss even when their team wins the match. In addition to that, they will receive an AFK point.
  • By receiving 3 AFK points, you will receive a warning email from Garena Free Fire
  • By receiving 8 AFK points, you will be banned from the CS Rank Mode of the game.

However, you can also decrease your AFK points to avoid the ban by playing in Clash Squad Mode (Rank and Casual) without being away from the game. Each match that you complete without AFK behavior will get you points subtracted from the AFK points. As AFK while playing rank mode is so harmful to your team, make sure you only play it when your connection is good and there won’t be anything to keep you distracted from the match.

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