Super Spinball is a brand new runner game that takes inspiration from retro arcade titles. In this game, you will find yourself in a giant maze with countless obstacles and hazards waiting. You will have to utilize all of your knowledge to get through the twists inside this nefarious labyrinth!

Control your spinball to get through a giant maze

It may sound simple; however, this giant maze owns about 64 levels. Therefore, you may need to spend some quality time down there for a very long time. Check out some gameplay footage below for an idea of how things play out:

Controlling your spinball is quite simple in this game: It can move by itself and turn around corners it comes across. All you have to focus on is jumping over hazardous obstacles by tapping on the screen. But be careful, it’s simple to control, not easy to do.

Besides all the turns and obstacles, there are a lot of coins laying around inside the maze as well. You can find and collect more and more coins as you venture farther in the maze.

Super Spinball
Overcome obstacles and collect coins as you go

Once you have saved enough coins, you can unlock new spinballs for yourself. This game has many kinds of spinballs and they each have their own stats. Some of them handle better than the others, whereas some are able to go faster.

Super Spinball 1 696x398
The game has an old grayscale pixel art style

And just like any other retro games, Super Spinball also features old grayscale pixel art. The game has a really nice chiptune soundtrack as well. It can really bring back the feelings that we used to have playing the old-time classics.

If Super Spinball is fascinating enough for you, you can get it right away, for free, on the App Store.