After six days of constant PUBG Mobile combat, the mastery scrim rounds of PUBG Mobile have finally come to an end. The final winner of these rounds is Fnatic – they have shown the other 14 teams an excellent performance, pocketing 5 lakh of prize money with a final result of 404 points. Throughout the scrims, they have earned a total of three chicken dinners.

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The final standings of the scrim rounds - the top 8 are pretty close, with no teams gaining a complete domination

Team IND came second with only five points less, however, they got the highest number of wins – with seven chicken dinners earned from the beginning of the tournament. While Team IND has the higher position points, Fnatic’s kill points are given more merits – and that is the reason why Fnatic was able to take over the first position of the board and become the winner.

The last day of the scrims was probably the best one, as there are various pro teams taking part in the competition. India’s best PUBG Mobile pro teams, Entity Gaming and SouL, along with strong squads like Portal Esports, Nepali Ho Ni, and Crazy Gang joined the last day of the scrims.

The 16 teams that will participate in the grand finals of PMAS on December 21-22

After the scrim rounds ended, the competitors will be heading to the Grand Final event, which is going to take place at Hyderabad’s Hitex Exhibition Center on Dec 21. PUBG fans can either come over to watch the event live or checking out the streamed games on YouTube. PMAS will be streamed on PUBG Mobile India’s official channel.

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