Fontaine Villa: Illusory Annex is the mansion in Fontaine style. Like other mansions, this villa also has two floors with one main hall and four rooms for different purposes. A devoted Genshin Impact player with an X account @euthymai shared her impressive interior design with a Replica ID. Check out this idea here.

Fontaine Villa Interior Idea

  • Server: Asia
  • Replica ID: 254239556229
  • Author: @euthymai on X

First Floor

There are three inner rooms and one main hall which is used as the living room in this villa. The author of this design utilized some Yumemiru "Jukaku" Folding Screens to create a private but still open space for the living room.

254239556229 Main Hall
The Main Hall is divided into two spaces using the Yumemiru "Jukaku" Folding Screens.
254239556229 Living Room
Living Room in the main hall
254239556229 Fontaine
The piano in the living room
254239556229 Conference Room
The dining space in the north-side inner room
254239556229 Office
There is an office in the south-side inner room on the ground floor.

Second Floor

The second floor has two inner rooms and one corridor. She arranged two bedrooms on this floor for privacy and an elegant corridor. The author shared images of stunning corners in her designs.

254239556229 Bedroom
There is a double-bed master bedroom in the northside inner room on the second floor.
254239556229 Bedroom 2
South-side inner room on the second floor is designed as a bedroom.
254239556229 Euthymai
The corridor is designed elegantly.

This is an impressive Serenitea Pot interior idea in Fontaine Villa: Illusory Annex. It utilizes lots of common and rare finishing items. You can buy most of their blueprints from Tubby or obtain them by opening Treasure Chests all around Teyvat. Some furnishing items are limited in quest rewards.

If you also have a great Serenitea Pot idea to share with us, leave its Replica ID in the comment. Stay tuned for more stunning interior and exterior designs for Serenitea Pot world collected by Gurugamer.

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