The OB26 update is now out on the live server of Free Fire along with the patch note. This is a huge update patch with many new features and changes such as a new character and the new training mode. But there are other small changes but with a big impact that everyone might overlook.

Here in this article, we will reveal 5 important changes in OB26 that you might miss.

War Chest

War Chest is a new feature in the OB26 update of Free Fire for the battle royale mode. This War Chest will appear randomly on the map and players who find it can open it and get high-quality loot such as Level 3 Helmet, Level 3 Armor, Groza, AWM,...

War Chest Free Fire
You don't need to loot inside buildings anymore

There are many War Chest appear in a match and they appear at the start of each match. This means that you don't need to go to are with buildings to get items anymore and it is probably even better to look for War Chest than finding items in buildings.

Mysterious Box

Mysterious Box is a new purchasable item in the Clash Squad mode. This item cost you $900. When buying this item, you will get to choose 1 out of 3 random items to obtain including expensive guns such as M1887 or MP40.


This is a great item in Clash Squad if you are playing from behind. If you get a good gun from the Mysterious Box, you will have spare money to buy other items such as Gloo Wall.

PARAFAL can only use Red Dot

PARAFAL got a big nerf in range and recoil in the OB26 update. But those are not all, it also now cannot use any scope other than Red Dot, which Garena didn't mention at all. Surely that is not a too big problem for skilled players, it does make this weapon a little bit harder to use in long-range fights.

Logo Free Fire Arma Parafal

K's ability cooldown reduces to 3 seconds

K is one of the best characters at the moment in Free Fire. His skill lets you switch between 2 modes to regen EP or to quickly regen HP. The cooldown of this skill is quite high, 20 seconds so players really need to think before changing the mode.

Kshmr Free Fire E1600870053593

But in this update, the cooldown of this skill has been reduced to 3 seconds, make the character much more versatile in combats.

You can look around while sprinting

One reason why many people don't use the Spriting feature is that you can't look around, which is really dangerous because other players might spot you while you running. Being able to look around while sprinting makes this feature much more useful now.

To use this feature, drag the eye icon on the screen to look around.

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