Any Free Fire player would want to choose the right items and weapons before joining a match. If you choose a weapon that is the wrong type or unbalanced, then you will be easier to defeat by the enemy. And if you can get your hands on some of the best looting items, you would find it easier to push rank.

There is already a great variety of items in Free Fire after multiple updates. Even in the future, there will definitely be more, so you will have even more choices to pick from. Of course, you'd want the items that are the most suitable and useful for your play style.

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But did you know that there are some items that are quite good but unfortunately are often ignored and underestimated by many players? Want to know which items you may have missed out on? Keep reading to find out!

6 Overlooked Useful Items in Free Fire


The first item that players often underestimate and overlook is the Inhaler, as we know the Inhaler is an item that has the same function as the Medic Kit. But unfortunately, most players, prefer MedKit over this item.

Even though, the item is very good, where you can even heal when running. It is different from MedKit which must be silent, and the possibility of being intercepted by the enemy is greater. The inhaler can be used, even if we only move slowly.


The next item is Flashbang, which is pretty good and very useful when you use it in matches. And yet the Flashbang is often considered very trivial, by many current players when they are playing a match.

Tips Menggunakan Flash Bang Free Fire, free fire items ignored overlooked but useful

The use of the flashbang can blind the enemy's view, even if for just a few seconds when hit by this grenade. Although it will not do damage, the view will become so annoying that you will become easier to kill.


Many players tend to overlook this item whose shape is similar to the Upgrade Vest item. But when you use it you don't feel anything changing with your Vest, so clearly this is an item for different use.

Don't underestimate these items because later, you can see the Safe Zone when the game starts. This way if you are still outside the zone, you can immediately enter the safe zone using one of the Free Fire vehicles.

Repair Kit

This particular item is still often used, but unfortunately in June, the use of this item began to decrease. Many players overlook the Repair Kit because it can only be used if the Vest or Helmet is hit by considerable damage.

Mengenal Item Baru Repair Kit Free Fire - free fire items ignored overlooked but useful

So if for example, you are using Shani or Poring Pet, this makes the item not very useful at all. And every player who competes would rather change the armor than use the item.

Treatment Gun

The next item is a weapon called Treatment Gun, which can only be used when you are playing Duo or Squad. Because the Treatment Gun can heal your friend's body if he is shot at, obviously.

You can't use it on yourself, but the damage to the enemy is still pretty great. Unfortunately, even something like this with decent damage is still ignored by many players.


Last is the M1887 shotgun, where it has now finally entered the era of being underpowered and ignored. That is because the strongest points of this weapon experienced a Nerf that was considered very severe.

💀M1887 Gameplay 💀 training mode in free fire free fire items ignored overlooked but useful

And today the popularity of this weapon is reduced and not often used. Even using it to strictly play like a Rusher is difficult now. Although the damage is still above 50, the range of it has been heavily nerfed to be very effective.

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