Another pet is coming to Free Fire and it is this little cute Racoon with a Mohawk and an electric guitar. Let's take a look at this new little guy in the video below.

Rockie Racoon Skill

The Rockie Racoon pet is going to come to Free Fire with an ability that benefits all characters with an active skill. His skill is called "Stay Chill". It is a passive skill that reduces the cooldown of equipped active skills. At the max level, his skill reduces the cooldown of all active skills by 15%. So for example, if the cooldown of the skill is 100s, it will be reduced to 85s.

New Pet Rockie Best Skill 2 1 Screenshot
At max level, Rockie Racoon's skill reduces the cooldown of active skills by 15%

We can easily see that this pet is going to go really well with DJ Alok, the best character in Free Fire at the moment. With Rockie Racoon at max level, Alok's skill Drop The Beat will only have a 38 cooldown with a 10 seconds duration. You will be able to use this skill quite more often.

New Pet Rockie Racoon Free Fire 0 31 Screenshot
Are you ready to rock and roll?

Clu is also a character that goes really well with this pet so she can use her skill, Tracing Steps, more often to spot enemies.

Rockie Racoon Pet Verdict

While the cooldown reduction is a nice buff, it is not that useful as many people think it would be. For most of the time, you can totally wait a few seconds more and engage when your skills are up. The 15% cooldown reduction is also not enough for you to keep your skill on often enough to fight constantly.

Untitled 7da1
The Rookie Racoon is safe to pass because it is not that strong

In short, this pet is not going to be that good so you should opt for other options.

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