Free Fire is among one of the biggest mobile games in India with millions of daily players. The game is constantly changing and adding new features, characters, game modes to keep players interested. New events and skins are updated every season and players can get tons of free rewards.

The main competitor of Free Fire in India is PUBG Mobile, which is pretty much the original battle royale game. The two games have a lot of similarities but they targeted different types of players. That why we can see fans of the two games fighting over which game is better very frequently.

Free Fire Chinese App
Is Free Fire a Chinese app or not?

Recently, PUBG Mobile has been banned in India along with 117 other Chinese apps due to the border conflict between India and China. Free fire is among this ban list so it has pretty much become the most popular mobile now. But Free Fire fans worry that the game might become the target of the next ban of the government and wonder "Is Free Fire Chinese app?"

If you having the same question as that then head down here so we can give you a full explanation of the originality of this app.

Is Free Fire Chinese App Or Not?

Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile published by Garena in 2017. The game was developed a Vietnamese studio called 111 Dots Studio. Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game in the world in 2019.

Garena is a Singapore company with the headquarter placed in Singapore. The current CEO of Garena is Forrest Li, who is originally a Chinese. However, he has moved to Singapore and is now a citizen of Singapore.

In the early days, before Garena went public, Tencent was the major shareholder of Garena with a 39.7% share. But this no longer the truth as we can see in the list of the top shareholder of Garena in the list below.

Garena shareholder
Here is the list of all shareholders of Garena

This means that Tencent is now a very small part of Garena and doesn't have any major influence on the company.

Is Free Fire Chinese app or not? The answer is a very simple "No". Tencent has no major influence over Garena as well as the development of Free Fire.

Here is the current list of all the Chinese apps that were banned in India. There is a total of 178 apps on the list.

59 apps ban india
Here is the list of 59 Chinese apps banned in India
118 apps ban india
List of 118 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government
118 Chinese apps banned
List of 118 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government

So will Free Fire get banned in India?

Since Free Fire is not a Chinese app, of course, it will not become the target of the government since they are only banning Chinese apps "in the interest of India's sovereignty and integrity, defense, and security."

However, this doesn't mean that Free Fire is totally banned proof in India. In the past PUBG Mobile has been banned several times for different reasons. PUBG Mobile was banned for weeks in many regions in India such as Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, and Bhavnagar districts of Gujarat for have a bad influence on children. The police even arrested youths who found playing PUBG Mobile.

If Free Fire becomes bigger in India, there is a high chance that the game will fall into this problem as well. While the attitude of many people in India about gaming has changed in the last year thanks to PUBG Mobile, most people still don't see gaming as a good thing.

Things beginners need to know when moving from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire

Now, PUBG Mobile is banned in India indefinitely, many players would think about moving to Free Fire because the two games have a lot of similarities. While that is the truth, you will find that Free Fire has a lot of things different from PUBG Mobile that might overwhelm you.

Characters and pets

While characters and pets in PUBG Mobile are just cosmetic to make you look cooler in the game, characters and pets in Free Fire have their own skills that will determine your gameplay style and give you a big advantage in matches.

free fire character
Free Fire features a large number of characters

Somewhat pay-to-win

In PUBG Mobile, you need absolutely nothing but your skill to get the Chicken Dinner. But in Free Fire, you can have up to 4 skills from character each match and all the hottest characters can only be nought with Diamonds. The same goes for pets and skins. They will give you lots of advantages in matches but also cost you money.

Worse graphics

Free Fire is built for low-end smartphones so the graphics of the game will be simpler with less texture and not as realistic as PUBG Mobile. On the other hand, almost any device can run the game smoothly. A Free Fire MAX version is also coming with better graphics.

free fire chinese game max
Free Fire MAX version is coming to Free Fire with better graphics

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