With PUBG Mobile getting banned in India, the majority of the Pro Esports scene has been left to fend for itself - either disbanding or moving to a new title. A lot of big streamers are now making the move, either to Free Fire or Call of Duty Mobile, the second and third most popular BR game in India. Both games have their appeals - while Free Fire is more casual and focus on the BR mode, Call of Duty Mobile is pretty hardcore, with the main mode being squad competitive. Scout, one of the biggest names in the scene, has streamed Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile yesterday.

1 - Scout's new Free Fire ID

Scout's first Free Fire stream

Scout was playing Free Fire using Maxim on the stream. His Free Fire IGN is ImFakeScout, with the ID 2339156229. Below are the various in-game stats from Scout's account - he should rise from the ranks immediately, with victories upon victories in classic mode.

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Scout's stats for the first day

This is Scout's first Free Fire stream - he promised his fans to try out the Alok character and various new skins next time. With PUBG Mobile closing down and the COVID pandemic rages on, Scout is likely to have a lot of time on his hand to try out everything Free Fire has to offer.

2 - Scout breaks his phone on stream

Scout seems to enjoy playing Free Fire a lot, as during a moment of intense combat in his stream, he dropped his iPhone and broken the glass on its back. Afterward, he shows the phone to the audience when the stream came back on. His viewers responded with "F" and some even give him an estimated cost to resolve the problem. Furthermore, Scout also enjoyed the quality of the in-game cosmetics and characters and has spent a lot of diamonds to buy the best things available.

3 - What does this mean for the future of former PUBG Players?

Overall, with the top streamers and pro players moving to other games, this might even spark a mass exodus of players - PUBG Mobile might not be able to reach its former glory when the ban gets lifted.

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