Garena Free Fire has just won the "Mobile Game of the Year" title in the eSports Awards 2020. The game surpasses over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store alone. There are so many factors that keep players coming for more. The dynamic character system, weapon skins, bundles, tense gameplay,... Free Fire has it all. If you're a fan yourself, you'll notice cosmetics are huge in this game. However, these items don’t come for free. That's why there are some who turn to Free Fire Diamond hack redeem code to cheat their way through the system.

Free Fire Unlimied Diamonds And Gold Coins
Can you really get Diamonds for free?

We can all agree that the cosmetics items in Free Fire are just gorgeous. But, there aren’t many who can afford to buy them all. Currently, you'll have to spend real money to purchase Diamonds in the game. Other methods of earning Diamonds are viable, but not very effective. GPT apps and websites pay users with Google Play Credit, which can be exchanged for Diamonds, but it's not a handsome amount. So, it seems like Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Code Generator is the way to go. Or is it?

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm E2ab
You have to buy Diamonds with real money

What is Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Code?

If you're a Free Fire player, you must have heard about the Redeem Code. It's a series of 12 different characters generated randomly that can be redeemed for rewards via the Redemption Center. Only Garena has the authority to generate and distribute these codes. But is there a way to hack into the generator for your best interests?

According to the YouTuber in the video, you can actually intervene with the system and get Diamonds for absolutely free. The idea is that you visit a website and get paid for basically doing nothing at all. The website will provide you with a gigantic list of redeem codes with different denominations. All you have to do is to leave your personal contacts and fill in a few forms, then you're good to go.

Are the Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Codes Real?

Though it may look very tempting and authentic, the redeem codes above are 100% fake. You can tell that by the number of characters in each code. Authentic Google Play Credit codes only have 16 characters, while those in the video have 20. They can not be Free Fire redeem codes also since, as we mentioned above, real codes have 12 characters. And as this website is not developed or supported by Garena, we can further strengthen the point.

Free Fire Diamond
Diamonds are a powerful tool to have in Free Fire

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Redeem Code

There are many more self-claimed tools and hacks out there that may be trying to fool you. Remember that only Garena has the rights to distribute gift codes to influencers, players, and the entire community. Any third-party program that claims to have the ability to do so is just fooling around. Just imagine how Free Fire would look like if they can really do that. The game will immediately lose its balance and Garena will suffer from a huge financial loss. Check out the following case.

As you can see in the video, the YouTuber uses another application to gain Google Play Credit. The idea is still the same as the other clip, but with a little extra work. Users must actually play the third-party game to gain the rewards. However, it's clearly a fake one. Because if you look closely enough, you'll notice his Diamonds and Gold Coins are edited in. So, another fraud exposed to the public. There is no Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Code 2020.

Should You Use Free Fire Diamond Hack Cheat Code?

The answer is absolute no! Try to fight back the temptation of getting free Diamonds from hacks or cheat codes. It's considered a form of cheating by Garena, and such activities may lead to a permanent ban on your account. Furthermore, you'll risk losing your personal information and data via visiting encrypted websites. Those who claim to give you Diamonds for free are indeed fake ones. They only post expired codes to lure you in, then try to take control of your personal accounts. So steer clear from them.

Blue Flame Draco Ak
Beautiful skins may cost a fortune but do not use hacks to get them

Is Free Fire Diamond Hack Legal?

As gamers, we all understand the appeal of free Diamonds. Being able to buy all the cosmetic items from the store is something most of us always wanted. Unfortunately, by doing so, you're going against Garena's policy. The company has adopted a zero-tolerance route to fight back hackers and cheaters. They once caused serious concern in the game's community. Hence, the publishers won’t allow any interference in their game’s state. Please consider the consequence before searching for Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Code Today.

Free Fire Ban Hacker
Using cheats and hacks will result in a permanent ban

With that being said, we would like to conclude our guide on Free Fire Diamond Hack Redeem Code. The key thing you should take away from this article is that there are no such things as free Diamond codes. They are all fraud, set up by malicious individuals to take control of your personal information. Only Garena has the rights to generate and distribute gift codes for Free Fire players. So be a wise gamer and stay away from those fake code generators. See you next time with another guide on