Everyone loves a good sale. It is something that you wouldn't want to miss. There is no better feeling than getting your favorite items at the best price. That why you shouldn't miss this Free Fire Discount Event. Here is how this event works and everything you need to know about it.

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Tons of new events and sales are coming to Free Fire to celebrate Booyah Day

Buy 1 GET 2 Free

You must have heard of buy 2 get 1 deal before. Well, here is a better deal for you. When you buy an item from the left column, you will get 2 random items among the 8 items on the right side. These items even include rare bundles and weapon skins form the past such as the Flaming Red Bundle, or the M1887 Tropical Parrot Skin’s crate, Astro Dino bundles.

You only have to pay 9 Diamonds to get a weapon crate and 2 free spins

Even if you don't have many Diamonds, you can just spend 9 Diamonds on the right side to buy the weapon crate and get 2 free rewards. What a bargain!!

This event is expected to start on October 20.

Supermarket 8.0

In the Supermarket 8.0, there are 8 items on the top row for you to choose from. You can choose to buy 3 items with great discounts. Basically the more you buy, the better discount you will get. If you buy 1 item, you will get a 50% discount.

You can get up to 80% discount if you buy 3 items from the 8 items in the Supermarket

If you buy 2 items, you will get a 60% discount.  If you buy 3 items, you will get an 80% discount. If you are after only 1 item on the list, you can choose 2 cheap items along with it and get the sweet 80% discount.

This event will start on October 25.

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