Free Fire Emulator – Garena Free Fire is one of the hottest titles in Battle Royale game sort apart from Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Beta-version of Free Fire was released on November 20, 2017. Then, on December 4, 2017, this game was officially launched for Android and iOS operating systems.

But now, with Free Fire emulators, players can experience this action-adventure game on PC. This instruction of will suggest you some emulators that support you playing Free Fire on your PC. Also, we will give you a brief guide on how to download and install these emulators. Here we go!

Free Fire Emulator LD Player

LD Player is an Android emulator for PC released in 2016. It can run in medium-configuration PCs and laptops. LD Player has a small size, so it doesn't occupy much capacity of RAM or lag, letting you play Free Fire smoothly. Moreover, it's free in price and viruses. To many players, it can be the Free Fire best emulator to play this game on PC. The keymapping is transparent and easy to use. Mouse control is also smooth and useful for many in-game actions.

Play Free Fire At High Fps On Android Emulator
Play Free Fire At High FPS On Android Emulator

How to Install Free Fire on LD Player

After installing LD Player on your PC, you can download and play Garena Free Fire on this emulator. Go to LD Shop and search Free Fire, you will see this game available in the shop. Click on Install and wait for minutes until the setup process completes. Then, you can play this game on this PL Free Fire emulator

How to Play Free Fire on PC

The Garena Free Fire emulator LD Player allows gamers to use the mouse and keyboard to control the character and do in-game actions. You no longer have to touch tiny buttons on the small phone's screen and miss many targets. It lets you have faster movements to have better performance and experience the battle more smoothly.

Moreover, developers of the LD Player introduced a macro keyboard. It is a useful and user-friendly product that allows players to take every action with a click on the mouse. LD Player does not ensure to make you win every game in Free Fire. However, this Free Fire emulator can give you a great time playing Free Fire on PC.

With Free Fire Emulator, You Can Play Free Fire On PC
With Free Fire Emulator, You Can Play Free Fire On PC

With an LD player, you can experience every existing feature in this game. Moreover, all the updates are also accessible on this emulator. So, don't worry about the quality of the PC version.

Free Fire Emulator MEMU

How to Install Free Fire on MEMU

Another Android emulator to play Free Fire on PC is MEMU Play. Below are the operating system requirements to install MEMU on PC. Check it out before doing Free Fire emulator download

  • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10.
  • CPU: Intel/ AMD.
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.0.
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard dish available storage capacity: 2GB.

After setting up the MEMU app player on your PC, you now can install and experience Free Fire on PC. In MEMU Player, set up Mobile Legend in Google Play or APK Download on the right tab. Then, start the program and let it download game resources.

After logging in, you need to set up the keymapping or use the default keymapping of the system. MEMU is small in size, so it doesn't occupy much storage capacity or lag. With MEMU, you can play Free Fire smoothly and enjoyably.

Set Up And Play Free Fire On Pc With Memu
Set Up And Play Free Fire On PC With MEMU

Changes of MEMU for Free Fire

Better Mouse Control

The first MEMU's change in playing Free Fire on PC is the exclusive keymapping system that helps solve the problem of mouse sensitivity. Many Free Fire players cannot enjoy playing this game because of this problem. When players keep moving the mouse to one direction for a long time, mouse sensitivity increases uncontrollably. This time, players can use the keymapping system to control PC mouse stably and smoothly.

Updated Keys' Functions

In the latest update of MEMU, they add many new functions for some certain keys for Free Fire playing. Check them out below and get acquainted with the controls before sinking in this game. 

  • 'F' key: added 'Loot', 'Eject', 'Use', Drive' functions.
  • 'G' key: added 'Get in the vehicle' and 'Dive' functions.
  • 'N' key: added 'Switch grenades' function.
  • 'F1' key: solve the problem of a mouse stuck.
  • 'Tab', 'ESC' keys: added 'Auto enter/leave shoot mode' function.
Play Free Fire On Pc With Memu Android Emulator
Play Free Fire On PC With Memu Android Emulator

Free Fire Emulator Bluestacks

Another Free Fire emulator for PC is Bluestacks. It's widely recognized as the Free Fire official emulator with a great number of users. It's easy and free to download. You can find the link to download this app on the official website of this emulator.

The developer also gives you brief instructions to download, install, and use the app on the website. Or else, you can read a detailed guideline on how to play Free Fire with Bluestack on

Play Free Fire On Bluestacks Emulator
Play Free Fire On Bluestacks Emulator

Furthermore, the developers of Bluestacks also bring all the existing in-game features and the latest updates in this PC version. One advantage of playing Free Fire on PC is that you can play this mobile game on a larger screen. Besides, PC gamers who get used to the keyboard and mouse control can play this game with familiar actions. Those who have been playing PC video games for years can have difficulties with finger controls of mobile games.

That's the reason why the Free Fire emulator is an excellent tool for players. Above are two recommended and widely-used Free Fire emulators for playing Free Fire on PC. These Android emulators give users a lot of excitement and enjoyable experience when playing this shooting game on PCs or laptops. 

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