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Free Fire has just launched the Grim Reaper Mode along with the Vengeance Day. Unlike the usual battle royale mode, the Grim Reaper Mode is a fast-paced mode with only 9 players each match. Each Grim Reaper Mode only lasts for 8 minutes, making it a great way for players to have a quick match during short breaks.

Here we will tell you how to play this new Grim Reaper Mode in Free Fire along with some tips you can use to win.

How to play Grimm Reaper Mode

To play Grim Reaper Mode, you need to go to the match option and the Grim Reaper before finding matches.

How To Play Grim Reaper Mode In Free Fire Grim Rea

When entering the match, you will get to choose a set of weapon out of 4 sets that are given by the game. The shotgun set is the best set here as you will be able to take down enemies in close-range battles.

Tutorial Grim Reaper Mode 0 9 Screenshot
You can choose from 4 sets of weapons to play

Whenever you get a kill, your movement speed and jump height will increase. You will also gather a soul to charge the transform button. You need a total of 3 souls to transform. You would want to turn to a Reaper to fight whenever possible.

Tutorial Grim Reaper Mode 0 18 Screenshot
You will get bonus stats when you kill a player
Tutorial Grim Reaper Mode 0 22 Screenshot
You can transform into a Reaper after 3 kills

When you press the transform button, you will transform into a Reaper for a limited duration with floating movements and a Scyther as a weapon. The Reaper form is extremely strong as you can move really fast and you can kill an enemy very quickly.

Tutorial Grim Reaper Mode 0 31 Screenshot
The Reaper form is extremely strong as you can move really fast and you can kill an enemy very quickly

When you get killed as a Reaper, you will transform back to the human form instead of dying so don't be afraid to rush enemies.

Within the 8 minutes duration, the player who gets 15 kills first wins, note that only human kills are counted.

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