Free Fire release new skins, items, characters to the game every season to keep the game fresh. Some of them can make you stronger in battles but most of them will cost you Diamonds to buy from the in-game store or events.

Often, the most powerful weapon skins and the most exotic-looking bundles, items will cost a lot of Diamonds, which why Free Fire players always look for a way to get items at a cheaper price.

Luckily, Garena adds events into Free Fire quite often, giving players a chance to claim their favorite item at the best price. Recently, they just released a new sale event called  Diamond Genie for players to buy items at a dirt-cheap price.

Free Fire Diamond Genie Event

The Free Fire Diamond Genie Event will last until November 1. In this event, you will be presented with a pool of items to buy. You will get a discount of a fixed amount of Diamonds when your pick up enough item into your basket.

Diamond Genie Tutorial Video Garena Free Fire 0 23
The more you buy, the more discount you will get

For example, if you put in your basket items that worth 199 Diamonds, you will get a 140 Diamonds discount, meaning that you only have to pay 50 Diamonds. If your basket has 399 Diamonds, you will get a 300 Diamonds discount, meaning that you only have to pay 99 Diamonds. The highest discount level is at 699 Diamonds and you will get 560 Diamonds off.

Diamond Genie Tutorial Video Garena Free Fire 0 25

So you would want to buy items that match exactly the Diamonds threshold that will give you the discount to get the best value out of the event. If you don't see the items you want in the pool, you can reset the pool.

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