As of now, the situation of the coronavirus outbreak is slowly getting out of hand as more and more countries are starting to have their first infected cases. India is also among one of those countries with the first 28 cases confirmed to be infected and 88 suspected cases with infection symptoms.

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coronavirus has reached India

The outbreak has caused many schools, public places, events to be closed temporarily to stop the spread, including esports tournaments. Many esports events around the world were postponed, turned into an online event, or happened without any audiences at all.

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The Free Fire India Championship 2020 will not have live audiences

Right now in India, there is one important event that is about to happen, the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Finals. The first week of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 League Stage has finished last week. The matches of the second week are coming in a few days and more importantly, the Finals are coming in 3 weeks. The Finals are usually played offline. But with this current situation, fans are dying to know if it will be postponed or not.

Free Fire Championship 2020
Free Fire's official information

In the latest confirmation from Lamya Rajkotwala, the Associate Consultant of Free Fire, the Finals of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 will be happening as scheduled on March 28, 2020. However, it will be held as a closed-door event and audiences won't be allowed to get in. The Finals will still be streamed on the official YouTube channel of Free Fire for fans to watch. This way, participating teams can play the Finals with their best performance while protecting everyone from the virus.

As for the Free Fire Championship 2020, it will be postponed to a later date to brings the best competitive experience to the fans and teams. You can find more details on the official fan page of Free Fire India's Facebook.