Free Fire is currently in the celebration of its third anniversary with multiple exciting events with tons of rewards for players to get. Among these events, there is one event that you should not miss because it will offer you one of the best deals you can ever have in Free Fire. It is the Pack Web Event.

Here, we will carefully explain to you how exactly this event works and get the best deal with 1/10th of the price.

Free Fire New Value Pack Event Full Detailshow To
The rules and details of the Value Pack event in Free Fire

When first entering the event, you will choose from 1 out of 3 cards to determined the price of your pack. The three prices are 199 Diamonds, 299 Diamonds, and 399 Diamonds.

Value Pack Web Event 0 6 Screenshot
You will choose randomly from 1 out of 3 cards to pick the price of your value pack

In the event, you can see there are 6 categories, each with 6 items. You can choose one item from each of these categories. It will include skins for your characters, pets, vouchers,.. and many other items.  You can get 6 items with the price of only 199 Diamonds while normally each of these items can cost up 600 Diamonds or somewhat like that.

Value Pack Web Event 0 3 Screenshot
You can choose one item from each category to add into your pack 

The event lasts from August 25 to August 30 so you might want to be hurried up and grab all the deals before it ends.

The 3rd anniversary of Free Fire is an important milestone for the game with a lot of new features were introduced. We now have 2 Awaken characters, a self-revive kit, a new Bermuda, and many more other improvements. Free Fire still maintains as the most popular and reaches a peak of 100 million daily players.

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