With millions of active players per day, the development team of Garena Free Fire has good reasons to be more and more hard-working, from coming up with tons of new content to launching creative marketing campaigns, and so on. Out of all, music could be nothing but a dedicated piece that draws attention from a lot of fans so that if you’re in search of the Free Fire lobby song or something like that, we’ve dived into it already!

Free Fire Lobby Song
Music could be nothing but a dedicated piece that draws attention from a lot of Free Fire fans.

The battle royale game has also inked a deal with several celebrities across all walks of life in order to maintain its massive popularity since its launch in September 2017. Whether it’s the Free Fire lobby song or Free Fire theme song, it’s time to flick through them all!

Free Fire Lobby Song 

DJ KSHMR, a well-known American music producer, has become a playable character named 'Captain Booyah' in Free Fire and even collaborated with Garena to produce an exclusive song for the game and inspire the massive base of Free Fire lovers across the globe.

Note that this is the second partnership between Garena Free Fire and a DJ. Brazillian DJ Alok has also been transformed into a robust character in the game and here's the official music piece made by him, dubbed 'Vale Vale'.

Oldest Theme Song

With a nostalgic and intriguing tempo, this is the first-ever theme song made for Free Fire. The song triggered a huge sensation among early players of Free Fire and even made a comeback in the Kalahari patch of Free Fire in 2020.

New Theme Song

Free Fire’s new theme looks like a remastered version of the predecessors owing to its rock-metal cover, and so does the song. You may be able to notice it in the melody, and fans of this music genre seem to fall in love with it very easily. Even if you’re the one who likes just a minor change in rhythm but not giving up the old beats, the new theme song will never go wrong.

DJ Theme Song

Frankly speaking, the DJ theme doesn’t have any direct recognizable part with previous versions at all. This theme, along with its song, could be considered a far cry from the aforementioned. In a word, this completely revamped version sounds much more energetic but it doesn’t cater to all the fans.

Free Fire Dj Theme Song
This completely revamped version sounds much more energetic but it doesn’t cater to all the fans!

Old Halloween Theme Song

This is the first seasonal theme to be added to Free Fire’s schedule. Just a new rhythm for Free Fire players, this song had turned on a chill feeling during Halloween. Maybe it was not as appealing as the DJ theme song, but definitely a good mix and match for the spooky season.

New Halloween Theme Song

Again, here’s another complete revamp, but we’re talking about a revamped variant of the Halloween theme song mentioned above. As compared to the old rhythm of the older version, it’s a lot more fantastic with not only an orchestral tone but also a spooky cover added.

Old Winterlands Theme Song

This theme song came as the wintertime arrived in Free Fire for the first time in 2018, embracing the original beat and keeping up with the enthusiastic spirit of Christmas day. This orchestral piece appears to be a dedicated theme song for so many Free Fire players all over the world.

New Winterland Theme Song

It comes as no surprise if the development team of Free Fire tried out something brand new once more when Christmas and New Year are right at your door. It’s obviously a nice song to listen to, especially for symphonic music enthusiasts, although no recognizable parts of the song trace themselves back to the predecessors.

Summertime Theme Song 

This new theme shared its summer glory with all the players that played actively during this period. Surely a gift to those that missed the old tones as resemblance was heard to the old theme’s patterns. This theme is a must-have on the list of those that want it to return next year.

Rampage Theme Song

Those who remember the Rampage event back in 2019 would find this theme quite appealing. This brings back a new type of orchestral theme as never heard before. It has significant patterns of all aforementioned old theme duplicates and will most likely never return as the battle of Rampage has concluded.

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