Free Fire Spine Punk event has four sub-events. The second stage of this big event is the Token Exchange from May 9th to 18th. The Token Exchange division has two smaller sections, including the Airship Drop and Map Drop. Here are the details of this event and how to collect rewards.

Free Fire Map Drop Event Details

In the Airship Drop event from May 9th to 17th, Free Fire players need to collect Blue Skulls. During this event, the Airship will drop some loot boxes randomly on the map. Your mission is reaching the location of the loot box and collect up to 10 Blue Skulls per time to redeem a lot of attractive event rewards.

Free Fire Token Exchange
Free Fire Token Exchange Event

But now, you cannot collect the Purple Skulls to exchange more rare rewards. Free Fire players have to wait until May 17th to collect the Purple Skulls. Because these items are only spawned on the Map Drop on two days, May 17th and 18th. Like in the Airship Drop section, you can find and collect the Purple Skulls when join Free Fire matches in those two days.

Collect Blue Skulls From The Airship
Collect Blue Skulls From The Airship Dopped Randomly Across The Map

After collecting Blue Skulls and Purple Skulls from Airship Drop and Map Drop events, you use them to redeem rewards. Even when you have not got the Purple Skulls, you can still redeem items with only Blue Skulls. For example, you can redeem Punkstar and Neon Ridges each of which costs 10 Blue Skulls. Or else, you can use 8 Blue Skulls to redeem Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate.

However, there are many rewards that you need to use both Blue and Purple Skulls to redeem. For example, the Evolution Stone costs you 20 Purple Skulls and 30 Blue Skulls. The rare Spikey Spine Loot Crate costs 10 Purple Skulls and 20 Blue Skulls.