Free Fire Spikey Spines came to players on May 17th, 2020. Before the official release, Garena Free Fire launched the Spine Punk event with a lot of rewards. And now, Free Fire players get another chance to get many Spikey Spines items, such as Blueprint, Gloo wall skin, and backpack skin for free. Here’s the guide on how to get these free items.

Get Free Fire Spikey Spines Items With No Cost

To get these exclusive items, players need to join the Spine Punk Top Up event. This time-limited event takes place from May 17th to 21th, 2020. Players only need to recharge diamonds in their accounts. You don’t need to pay any diamond for these items. These Spikey Spines items are free gifts for your diamond top-up.

Spikey Spines Came
Spikey Spines Came

When you recharge 100 diamonds, you get an exclusive Spikey Spine backpack skin. To get Spikey Spines gloo wall skin, you need to recharge 500 diamonds. And the game will reward you Spikey Spine Blueprint when you top-up 1000 diamonds in your account. Then, you can use the Blueprint to craft the rare Spikey Spines set.

Spine Punk Top Up Event Reward
Spine Punk Top-Up Event Rewards

You don’t need to do top-up three times to get single items. When you recharge 1000 diamonds, the game will reward you all three items at once. To receive rewards after doing the diamond top-up, you go to the Event center and tab on Spine Punk Top-up banner. Then, you can claim these items for free. This event is a good chance for Free Fire players to get free rewards. So, you shouldn’t miss it.

Spine Punk Top Up Event
Spine Punk Top-Up Event Details

There are many websites and apps helping you top up diamonds and give you many extra rewards. For example, if you top-up diamonds with Game Kharido, you can get double the diamonds you recharge. Or else, you can recharge diamonds with Paytm UPI to get Rs.100 cashback.