Looks like we don’t have to wait much longer for the 2.0 version of the Bermuda map, after all. Based on the tweets from Free Fire’s official accounts hinting the “Bermuda Plan”, the Bermuda 2.0 map would be part of the upcoming OB23 Update of Free Fire.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda To
Garena has been teasing about plan Bermuda using its twitter

1 - Why are they upgrading Bermuda?

This update has been worked on by the devs for quite a while, with the very first hint about the Bermuda Plan released way back in OB21. This might be an attempt to spice up the usual Free Fire gameplay, similar to what PUBG did to their most popular Erangel map.

According to the leaks, some places on the Bermuda map would be redesigned completely, with a few getting removed outright. This might be the work of the mysterious meteoroids seen on the map as of late. With the redesign, it is pretty much a given that most if not all the previously created strategies on the Bermuda map would be changed.

The official tweet from Free Fire Brasil, hinting about Plan Bermuda

2 – What are the changes in Bermuda 2.0?

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The upgraded 2.0 version of Bermuda is on the right side

The biggest change is probably The Peak - it would now be a mountain instead of just some random plains. Next is Sentosa - the area is completely redesigned with a brand new name: Yagami Garden. Looks like Free Fire is going with a Japanese style design for the island now instead of the previous Southeast Asian style. Three new places named Hydropower, Academy and Fisherman's Creek are going to be added to the map.

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There is a huge mountain in the middle of the island now

Hydropower would be pretty unique, being a platform on top of the bay overlooking the area nearby, including the bridge connecting the two sides of the bay. This area would be a popular spot for snipers. Fisherman's creek replace Rim Nam village - this actually somewhat makes sense, as Rim Nam was amongst the least popular spots in the game. Lastly, the Academy consist of a gigantic, singular structure - fights in this area would be super action-packed.

There is no release date available yet - but it is expected to come out somewhere between July 25 and July 29. For more information about the pet penguin in OB23 leak, please check out this article.