Free Fire is known for releasing new content, skins, and bundles frequently to keep the game fresh for players. With the Luck Royale system, Free Fire can release new skins, bundles, after a set amount of time.

Ruby Bride 1
Free Fire's latest Diamond Royale bundle

The Diamond Royale is a part of the Luck Royale, where Free Fire introduces their latest bundle to the game. About every 21 days, the Diamond Royale reset and features a new bundle as the Grand Prize. Let's see what Free Fire has for us in the new Diamond Royale this time.

Free Fire New Ruby Bride Diamond Royale

The new Free Fire New Ruby Bride Diamond Royale will last for 21 days from July 29 to August 19.

The Grand Prize is the Ruby Bride female bundle. The bundle will turn your female character into a bride in a white dress. The outfit has a small twist with a holster on the waist.

The Ruby Bride female bundle has a total of 4 parts:

  • Ruby Bride (Top)
  • Ruby Bride (Bottom)
  • Ruby Bride (Shoes)
  • Ruby Bride (Head)
Free Fire New Diamond Royale
Free Fire New Diamond Royale features the Ruby Bride bundle.

The new Diamonds Royale also has the Neolithic male set-pieces, Paleolithic female set-pieces, and Magic Cube as prizes.

Ruby Bride Bundle
Ruby Bride Diamond Royale

About the Diamond Royale in Free Fire

The Diamond Royale in Free Fire is a lucky spin that features the latest character bundles and skins. Players can spend 60 Diamonds for 1 spin or 600 Diamonds for 11 spins. Each spin that is not the Grand Prize will increase your luck to get the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Players can also spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire using Diamond Royale Voucher. Free Diamond Royale Vouchers can be found in many events in Free Fire.

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