In Free Fire, we know there are various modes that can be played, which are Clash Squad Mode, Team Deathmatch, Classic, Rank, and so on. In any mode, you will be presented with a variety of different challenges that differ from one mode to another.

But for quite a while now, there have been many requests from Free Fire Survivors for a game mode, in which whoever wins is not the last Survivor standing, although that is the whole concept behind a Battle Royale game. What a lot of players want is a mode where the winner is the one who has the highest kill count.

Well, that game mode will be coming in the next update of Free Fire, as confirmed by Garena. The Free Fire new mode is called "Grim Reaper", and it is already being tested on the Advance Server for those with access to it. The rule of the game mode will be quite simple, which is "whoever defeats more enemies in less time wins."

Have you signed up for the Advanced Server yet? There you can test the new [Grim] Reaper mode! Collect your opponents' souls.☠️
Whoever kills more opponents in less time wins. Access:

What is Free Fire Grim Reaper mode?

In this mode, you can choose one of 4 sets of weapons that are prepared for the mode itself. Almost the same as Team Deathmatch Mode where you also choose one of 4 sets of weapons.

Free Fire New Mode Grim Reaper Full Gameplay Grim
As you can see, the red button near the center of the screen allows you to change into a grim reaper and you become a powerful God of Death

Later, in order to be able to change your character into a grim reaper, you need a few moments before the button in your Free Fire changes as shown above. After you press the button, your character will automatically turn into a grim reaper. While you are the grim reaper, you can kill enemies without having to bother shooting.

To calculate the points, you are required to get 20 kills when your character is reaping souls. Remember that even if you get thousands of kills before turning into a grim reaper, you won't get a single point. This is because the mode requires you to get as many kills as you can in the least amount of time possible, and you only do it as a grim reaper.

ADVANCE SERVER || ALL NEW UPDATES || Garena Free Fire - Desi ...
The Advance Server is chock full of new updates that will be released for the regular version in the future

The new game mode is one of several features that we will see in the Free Fire OB22 update, once the game is updated. There were two new characters who were also revealed: Wolfrahh and Clu; a pet, the Falcon, and a new sniper rifle, the M82B. The next update is rumored to be released on June 5.

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