Free Fire once again has proved that it is going to keep the constant pace of updating every month - based on a leak, the team has been working on the October OB24 update since last month. It is expected to hit the live server at the beginning of October, with an expected release date of September 26. In this article, we would list out everything that has been leaked about the release of OB24.

Free Fire OB24 is going to hit the server very soon

1 - About the update

The size of this update would be able 600 to 800 MB, with the server getting taken down for a few hours so that they could perform maintenance. The release time could change, of course.

2 - New Halloween Theme

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Last year's Halloween Event

This is that time of the year again - Free Fire is going to celebrate Halloween this year with a brand new Halloween theme for the month. The whole OB24 update would also be based on this theme - nothing revealed yet, but if we are lucky they would release a zombie mode.

The new Halloween theme would bring a themed lobby, UI, and various pumpkin lanterns scattered all over the map.

3 - Pumpkin Pet

A new pet with a pumpkin head is going to be added to the game. Its ability and final looks are not available yet, however. There is a chance that this pet would be given for free in the upcoming Halloween Celebrations.

4 - 2 New Guns: M21 and ParaFAL

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The two new guns in Free Fire OB24

An AR named Parafal is going to be added in this patch. While its appearance is already available, no other information has been released yet. The weapon would join the standard droplist of weapons in normal BR mode. This is probably another attempt to pander Brazil, as this gun is the most commonly used weapon of the Brazillian Army.

The M21 is a sniper rifle - one of the most popular ranged sniping weapons in the US army.

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