India's major Free Fire eSports tournament, the Free Fire India Championship 2020, is heading to its climax. The first day of the league stage has concluded, after various matches full of action. It was a great display of skill from players all over the country, from young talents to veterans. 18 teams are going to battle one another for the ₹50,00,000 prize money.

Day 1 Summary

A clutch moment in the fifth round

The first day of the tournament saw 6 rounds of intense combat between the 12 teams of groups A and B on all three maps: Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. Optimum Esports and CRX Elite dominated the whole thing, finishing the last round with 126 and 125 points respectively. CRX Elite has more kill points, however, with a whopping 60, 8 more than Optimum's record. Both teams have played very aggressively.

It is likely that we would see more surprises later in the stages, as teams would be more familiar with each other's playstyles.

Day 1 overall standings

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Overall League points of the groups

Below are the overall standings of the tournament after the first day.

  1. Optimum Esports- 126 points (52 kills)
  2. Team CRX Elite- 125 points (60 kills)
  3. UG Empire- 116 points (42 kill points)
  4. Total Gaming Esports- 114 points (58 kills)
  5. Sixth Sence- 102 points (52 kills)
  6. GZ Army- 90 points (36 kills)
  7. 4 Unknown- 88 points (46 kills)
  8. Team Lava- 86 points (42 kills)
  9. Incometax- 84 points (24 kills)
  10. Die Another Day- 75 points (20 kills)
  11. Route Changers- 62 points (34 kills)
  12. Call us Lords- 44 points (28 kills)

You should take this into consideration for the prediction event - it is likely that the top teams would claim the high spots the next day. The tournament would be streamed today at the same time slot - 6 PM IST. You should tune in to unlock special rewards from the live watching event.

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