Free Fire's upcoming OB28 patch is almost here, bringing a lot of changes to all the systems in the game. Amongst the changes, people usually focus on new characters, pets and weapons while overlooking the general changes to the game's map and modes.

In this article, we are going to analyze the various changes to Free Fire map and modes in OB28.

Free Fire OB28 patch
Free Fire OB28 patch

1 - Revival system heavily nerfed

Garena has nerfed the Revival Point system in Free Fire greatly in the Free Fire OB28 update.

  • Time to capture the revival point: 14s ->33s
  • Revival Point Cooldown: 150s ->180s
  • Revival Points per game: 9 ->8

The worst nerf is probably capture time - you can no longer revive your whole team by staying for just 14 seconds anymore. The waiting time is more than doubled... and at 33 seconds it might be better to just continue playing the game than risking death by standing in an open area. Teams should camp the revival zones for users.

revival points
Revival points in Free Fire are usually in an open area like this.

The revival point cooldown and number changes do not matter much, as revival points are rarely activated more than once per game anyway.

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2 - Vending Machines get new stock

Vending machines get their loot and purchase limits adjusted. You can now buy armor repair kits and ammunition from these machines now. The latter is a good tactical option if you need to change weapons.

Chrono Vending Machines
Vending Machines are more useful than ever.

Armor repair kits are a welcome update, as you can now repair your high-level armor instead of having to get a new one. Just be careful when using these machines, as they are popular ambush spots.

3 - Grenade slots increased

It is likely that Garena is going to increase the tactical aspect of Free Fire by adding more utility grenades. Alongside the introduction of the Ice Grenade this patch, the number of grenades you can carry increased. This means the squad matches are more dangerous than ever now - a squad clustered together could be destroyed by multiple grenades.

Grenade in solo matches would also be more powerful - having more Gloo Grenades would definitely be a big help in combat.

You can spam grenades now
You can spam grenades more easily now in Free Fire OB28.

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