Like other games in the Battle Royale lineup, Free Fire also sees the sensitivity settings as an important factor that would lead to a victory or not. The essential reason is that only when the sensitivity performs properly in the game, a player can thus follow his aims and rivals with a high level of precision, which is considered a very challenging task for most players. 

Best Sensitivity Settings For Free Fire
A player can follow his aims and rivals with a high level of precision if he gets the right sensitivity settings.

As usual, one has to practice a lot if he wants to master the aiming and sensitivity mechanics. The game always offers a set of sensitivities in advance; however, the players still have to try then choose their own suitable set of values. The brief method below will be a perfect suggested solution for you to track your sensitivity. 

Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings
Specific sensitivity settings can also vary in gun types.

The steps to find your own sensitivity settings in Free Fire are as follows:

Step 1: Enter the practice mode where you can play in a big space with no disturbing factors 

Step 2: Put your thumb on the middle part of your phone screen, then swipe to the right edge 

Step 3: Cover the distance that is as much as possible, then check whether your crosshair has turned by 180 degrees or not

Free Fire Practice Mode
There's no need to play against other skilled players to find your best sensitivity settings at all.

Step 4: The reason for doing this is that everyone should be able to perform the 180 degrees turn to make sure that no enemy can hide from their back. 

Step 5: If you can only cover a small angle, particularly less than 180 degrees, remember to change your standard sensitivity to a higher level and do the same process if your angle is wider than needed.  

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings
Which is the most basic and user-friendly set of sensitivities that everyone should try out?

By following this instruction, players can set a baseline for their own sensitivities that can fit every mode and set the values more exactly. But in case you want to have a basic and user-friendly set of sensitivities only, several values below can do a great favor to you.  

Geral - 70 to 80

Red Dot - 35 to 45

2x Scope - 60 to 70 

4x Scope - 45 to 55

AWM Scope - 20 to 30

But bear in mind that these aforementioned numbers are just a recommendation, and you can still adapt them to fit your own need. Try the method introduced in the article to have the best fit for you. 

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