The Free Fire permanent gun skin code will give you a permanent weapon skin in this game. Unlike other shooting games, the weapon skins in Free Fire have unique impacts on the weapons. Get the latest gun skin code and the best permanent gun skins in Free Fire here with

Latest Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Redeem Code

Garena Free Fire often gives away many gun skin codes. They let you obtain permanent gun skins for free. Using redeem code is one of many methods to get permanent weapon skins for free. Here are the latest Free Fire permanent gun skin redeem codes that you can try and check.

Redeem Code 16 3
Free Fire Redeem Code On March 16th, 2021.

The latest gun skin for the most favorite gun skin named Kpop Stardom Weapon Loot Crate is HXVDEU6EPW5X. You can go to the official Rewards Redemption site of Garena Free Fire to check out whether it's expired or not. If you are lucky, this stunning gun skin will be sent to your vault right away.

Free Fire Redeem Code 15 3
Free Fire redeem code on March 15th, 2021.

Some of these redeem codes may be expired already. Then, you should follow the official fan-page of Garena Free Fire in your country to get the latest Free Fire Redeem code. Moreover, these codes are also shared in some big forums and groups of fan clubs. You can also use a Free Fire permanent gun skin code generator or watch live-streams of famous Free Fire players.

How To Get Free Fire Permanent Gun Skins?

As mentioned, the Free Fire permanent gun skin code is just one of some legal methods to obtain permanent gun skins in this game. Therefore, you will have many other ways to get permanent weapon skins in Free Fire.

#1. Join Free Fire Events

Garena Free Fire often introduces many interesting events with a lot of attractive rewards, including permanent gun skins. Free Fire players can check out the event details in the event centers and requirements to get those rewards. Normally, you will have to complete event missions and collect tokens to redeem event rewards.

Free Fire Gun Skins
You can get some free gun skins from Free Fire events, such as Booyah Day!

The event banner will give you all the details of those events, such as schedule, rewards, and theme. Rewards often include free bundles, skins, pets, characters, or vouchers. However, not all of those events have gun skins in the prize pool.

#2. From Free Fire Elite Pass

There are two versions of Free Fire Battle Royale Pass, including Free Pass and Elite Pass. Free Fire players can also get permanent gun skins from the Elite Pass. If you purchase the Elite Pass, you will unlock a lot of exclusive rewards, including permanent gun skins.

The Celestial Street Theme
Each Elite Pass season often has at least one permanent weapon skin on the prize list.

The weapon skin rewards of different seasons will be not the same. You need to collect more badges to unlock rewards at higher levels. Permanent gun skins are often high-level Elite Pass rewards that you have to spend a lot of badges to unlock.

#3. Redeem Codes

It's obviously the cheapest but rarest chance to get free permanent gun skins in Free Fire. You need to get the newest codes quickly and go to the Reward Redemption site of Garena Free Fire, enter your account profile, and enter the code to redeem rewards before it gets expired.

5 Best Free Fire Permanent Gun Skins 2021

Free Fire gun skins have effects on the weapons. It can increase some features of the gun and also decrease some statistics of those weapons. Here are the top 5 best gun skins in Free Fire that you should try to obtain.

#1. Flaming Dragon AK

AK47 is one of the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire that pro players often use to finish enemies quickly. It will be stronger with the Flaming Dragon skin. This rare gun skin helps boost the damage and rate of fire of this powerful AR. Moreover, the stability is also improved a lot. Although the ammo capacity declines a little, it doesn't make this gun weaker.

Flaming Dragon Ak
Flaming Dragon AK is one of the most wished weapon skins in Free Fire.

#2. Pumpkin Flames AK

It's another AK skin that increases the power and accuracy of this AR. With a double rate of fire, the damage per second (DPS) will be high enough for players to make highlights. Moreover, the higher accuracy also lets you knock down the target quickly with deadly bullets.

Pumpkin Flames Ak
Pumpkin Flames AK is very stunning and rare.

#3. Great Plunder Groza

Like AK47, Groza is also a strong and deadly AR in this shooting game. The permanent gun skin Great Plunder Groza improves the accuracy and damage of this deadly weapon, making it more as deadly as a beast in Free Fire. Imagine that you can knock a target down with a headshot and clear the rest of his team with a bullet clip only.

Great Plunder Groza
This is the Great Plunder Groza skin that many Free Fire players wish to obtain.

#4. Blood Moon Scar

Those who love SCAR shouldn't miss this great gun skin. This rare gun skin helps boost the damage and range of this AR, making it more versatile and powerful in mid-range combat. Although the accuracy drops a bit, it doesn't matter to this stable AR.

Blood Moon Scar
Blood Moon Scar is very beneficial and beautiful.

#5. Rebel Academy P90

If you are a fan of the powerful SMG P90, you should try to obtain this stunning gun skin. The two most important statistics of this gun, including damage and range, are increased. Then, P90 will be as powerful as any strong ARs in this game.

Rebel Academy P90
You shouldn't miss the Rebel Academy P90 skin.

Those are things you need to know about Free Fire permanent gun skins. You should get a new Free Fire permanent gun skin code to obtain a gun skin for free. To update the latest Free Fire game news, as well as more redeem codes, let's visit our website.