If you want to obtain weapon skins for cheap, try opening loot crates. They have a chance of containing exclusive weapon cosmetics at only a fraction of the price. However, the chance is slim since there's a luck element involved. But when there's an opportunity to get some free crates, we don't see why you should not take it.

Free items are something we would never turn down.

Garena has just released a brand new Free Fire redeem code for today (September 11th) for the Singapore server. Upon redeeming this code, players will get 2 Lightning Strike Weapon Loot Crates for free.

Disclaimer: This code is exclusive to the Singapore server. Players from other servers/regions can not use it! 

Free Fire Redeem Code For August 10th

Rewards: 2x Lightning Strike Weapon Loot Crates

Redeem code: MCPMR6PNGBEQ

Lightning Strike Loot Crate
Claim not one, but two Lightning Strike Loot Crates for free.

How To Use Free Fire Redeem Code For Today?

Follow the steps below to redeem gift codes in Free Fire:

  • #1: Visit the official Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire.
  • #2: Log into your existing Garena Free Fire account. You can sign in via Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Huawei ID, and Apple ID.
  • #3: Copy and paste the Free Fire redeem code for today in the text field. Hit "Confirm".  A pop-up should appear on the screen, announcing the rewards. Press "OK".
  • #4: The rewards will arrive at your mailbox within 24 hours.

Problems When Using Free Fire Redeem Codes

When using Free Fire redeem codes, players may run into the following problems:

Free Fire Redeem Code Error
Watch out for the error! Refresh the page, try again, if it doesn't work then your code is invalid.
  • Missing or Redundant Characters: A valid Free Fire redeem code for today has exactly 12 characters. The characters can be alphabetical or numeric.
  • Expired Codes: Each redeem code has an expiration date and use limit. They will expire after one of them is reached.
  • Wrong Region: You can not use redeem codes for other regions of the game other than your own. Should your force to do so, an error will appear.
  • Account Not Bound: Guest accounts can not log into the Rewards Redemption Site and use the redeem code. Remember to bind your account to a social platform first.

To Learn More About Possible Problems With Redeem Codes, Read Our Article At Free Fire Redeem Code Problem: What Prevents You From Redeeming Codes?