Just like in any game, there are a lot of scammers out there who are trying to steal your Free Fire account information using different methods. If you are not being careful, your Free Fire account and social media account might be gone in just a few clicks, especially with the latest sp0m Hack Free Fire.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how scammers use sp0m Hack Free Fire to steal your account and how to avoid being scammed.

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What is sp0m Hack Free Fire?

sp0m Hack Free Fire is basically a scam created from the website "sp0m.com". This website lets its users create a fake login page of multiple social media sites and games, including Facebook, Instagram, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire. Pretty much anyone with an email can register on this website and create a fake login page.

Sp0m Hack Free Fire
sp0m Hack Free Fire is a website that lets users create a spam link to steal Free Fire accounts.

If a user enters their information such as emails and passwords into this fake login page, this information will be sent immediately to the scammers who created it. After that, they can simply change your passwords to take away your account.

You still might be able to recover your Free Fire account if you set it up properly. However, that is still more than enough time for the scammer to ruin your account. For example, they can use your Diamonds and send gifts from the Store to their Free Fire account.

The most dangerous thing about this scam is that it is too easy to make. People who are not aware of this sp0m Hack Free Fire might easily fall for this scam and lose their Free Fire account.


How to recognize a sp0m Hack Free Fire

So here comes the most important question: how to recognize a sp0m Hack Free Fire?

First and foremost, it is important that you should not click on any strange link in YouTube comments, Facebook comments,... Those are the most common places where scammers spam their fake websites to fish for accounts.

Secondly, the easiest way to spot a fake login website is by looking at its URLs. Sometimes, the URLs of these websites will even look almost the same as the real ones, with only minor changes. But if you notice carefully, you will find out that they are fake easily.

Facebook Fake Login Page News
You can look at the URLs of these websites to see if they are fake or not.

Finally, if the title of the website is something like "Free Diamonds in Free Fire 100%" then that website is 100% a scam website. There is no way to hack Diamonds in Free Fire at all. They are just making up those things to lure people into their scams.

How to get more Diamonds in Free Fire

While there is no hack to get free Diamonds in Free Fire, there are ways to work around it and get free items in Free Fire or get Diamonds with a great prize.

Special Airdrop

The Special Airdrop is a rare special offer from Free Fire. This offer can be as cheap as Rs 9 and it will give you 300 Diamonds and various items such as pets, characters,... This offer only appears for players who don't spend Diamonds much in Free Fire. With the price of only Rs 9, this is a bargain that is basically free.

Free Fire Special Air Drop
The Special Airdrop is so cheap that it is basically free Diamonds for you.

In-game events

Free Fire often gives away free Diamonds during big events such as the Free Fire World Series. Players who watch the stream will get the chance to get free Diamonds and rewards. Watching streams and clips on the Booyah app can also earn you Diamonds.

If you top-up Diamonds, you can use third-party sites such as Codashop to get a 100% top-up bonus upon the first purchase. It is quite a good deal that can get you a good extra amount of Diamonds.

Booyah App 100 Diamonds
There are many daily missions in Booyah App that can earn you Diamonds in Free Fire.

Money-earning apps

There are money-earning apps like Swagbucks or Google Opinion Rewards that will give you money for doing simple tasks such as downloading apps, doing surveys, surfing webs,... You can transfer this money to your bank account or by Google Play credits. While the amount you can get is not much, it is something to consider.

Google Opinion Rewards
Players can get real cash on Google Balance wallet and top up Diamonds.

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