Free Fire Setting – On December 4, 2017, Garena officially released Free Fire for Android and iOS devices. Up to now, it has been one of the most favorite game titles in Battle Royale class with over 450M users.

After registering and logging in, users can adjust the Free Fire control setting. This guide by will show you the best control setting for an enjoyable gaming experience and playing like a pro player in Free Fire.

1. Free Fire best settings on Mobile Devices

There are some changes in the new Free Fire version 2020. Here are the recommended Free Fire setting 2020 for playing this game on mobile devices.

free fire setting
Customizing Controls To Win The Game

Basic Free Fire Setting 

In the Free Fire setting center, you can adjust basic features of Free Fire game, including language, graphics, and mini-maps. Base on the quality and configuration of your phone, you can put the graphics in Smooth, Standard, or Ultra quality. If your smartphone is good enough, you can put it in Ultra quality to enjoy the best graphics quality. But if you want to play the game smoothly without worrying about lag and phone quality, tick in Smooth.

Then, put other graphics features like the shadow, brightness, and high FPS effects in classic quality. Next, turn off the notch screen. To play like a pro player with best settings for Free Fire, choose a rotating mini-map.

Best sensitivity for Free Fire

Here are the best sensitivity for Free Fire devices for pro players. You ought to adjust the Free Fire sensitivity of the general scope at 50 to 60, and the red dot at 45 to 55. The Free Fire sensitivity settings 2020 of the 2x scope should range from 35 to 40, the 4x scope from 25 to 35, and the AWM scope from 20 to 30.

best sensitivity for free fire
Adjust Your Free Fire Sensitivity Setting

Free Fire control setting

Free Fire control setting includes many features. You tick to choose the effect mode you want. Here are recommended Free Fire pro player settings.

First, choose default or precise on scope mode for aim precision. Choose scope only in Left Fire Button control. Then, drag to adjust the transparency to 100% and size to around 65%, choose the Save button. Next, you should turn off the quick weapon switch and quick reload. Choose Hold Fire to Scope in AWM Sniping control, and Two-handed mode in the vehicle controls.

Then, choose Simplified mode in Safezone Hints control. Next, turn on Auto Parachute, turn off Auto Pickup, and choose dark In Visual Effects control.

free fire pro player settings
Free Fire pro player settings

Free Fire Sound Setting 

You had better adjust music volume to zero to stop the music from distracting you. Then, increase sounds effects to 100 to hear the sound of enemies moving near you. In voice control, you can choose to turn up the volume to 100 if you want to communicate with teammates, or down to zero if you don’t.

2. Free Fire best settings on PC

To play Free Fire on PC, you need to install an Android emulator. Bluestack and Memu player are two most popular emulators for Free Fire gamers, which are pretty easy to use. After installation and registration, you also do setting Free Fire on PC. In the PC version, you also have basic, Free Fire sensitivity, control, and sound settings. Make the same Free Fire best setting as on the smartphone.

However, when playing Free Fire on PC, you have to use the keyboard and mouse to do in-game actions. Therefore, you need to set up a keymap, customize the controls, and deal with the problem of mouse sensitivity. You have to assign keys to actions like fire, jump, lie, bend, move backward and forward, left or right, etc. It depends on your habit and preferred hand. But it’s recommended that you should use the default setting at the beginning.

free fire setting
Playing Free Fire With Mouse And Keyboard

In Free Fire PC, you use a mouse to control the scope and aim at the target. Click the right mouse to open scope and left mouse to fire. Besides, you should assign keys for using some supplies like grenades and med-kits. Another tip of Free Fire best settings 2020 is to assign the keys 1, 2, and 3 for your weapons.

Those are some useful suggestions for Free Fire setting on mobile devices and PC recommended by pro players. To update the latest mobile game news and further useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit our website!