Free Fire, the most popular Battle Royale in India currently, has differentiated itself from its competitors by a combination of unique systems that other BR like PUBG Mobile doesn't have. Alongside the character skills, the pets' skills also play a big part in your victory in the unforgiving battle royale.

In this article, we would list out the best 5 pets you should take in order to give yourself a better chance to win Booyah.

5 - Poring

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This blob pet would increase the durability of your armor and helmet every few seconds - it also prevents these gears from getting destroyed. Overall, Poring is like a slow heal but for Armor - one of the best tools to keep your effective HP as high as possible. Work great in tandem with Shani's skill.

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4 - Ottero

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Ottero's ability would increase your EP by 50% of the healing you did when using a medkit or treatment gun. This effectively increases the amount of HP healed to 150% - the extra EP can be useful to activate A124's skill as well.

3 - Waggor

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The Penguin pet Waggor effectively gives players equipped it an infinite amount of Gloo Grenades. This could be very useful later on in the game, especially in the final circle in which there are few covers.

2 - Falcon


The Falcon, when equipped, would increase the skydiving speed and glide speed of players massively. Landing first is very important in Free Fire - you get to loot the area first, and if you are fast, you would even be able to shoot the unarmed players who are still stuck in the sky. This bonus affects the whole team - you only need one person to equip the pet for the fast landing.

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1 - Rockie

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Rockie would reduce the cooldown of all your abilities by 15% - this would let you use pretty much everything much more frequently. This ability is pretty much overpowered, especially when you equipped 4 active skills.

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