To win any match in Free Fire, it's very important that you know all the roles of each character in Free Fire. To achieve a Booyah at the end when playing with friends, you must rely on teamwork and understand the role each character has in your squad.

Which is why having the best Free Fire Support characters with the skill skillsets is so important. When discussing the character roles in a Free Fire squad, there are some general roles that you can find in Free Fire and one of them is Support.

This time we will discuss some of the best support characters that you can play in Free Fire. Anyway, here are the 5 best FF characters who are extremely competent as support in any Free Fire squad composition:

Free Fire Top 5 Best Support Characters


Olivia is one of the characters with the best support role in Free Fire. Her skill is very helpful to a teammate who is knocked down by an enemy, she can revive a knocked down teammate who will be ready to fight again.

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Olivia has the Healing Touch ability that will activate when your teammate is knocked down and give an additional 40 health. In a fighting situation, your team will be able to fight directly without having to use a medkit. With her ability, Olivia is very suitable as a support in your Free Fire squad.


Next is Laura who is a character with an excellent support role. Her ability can help the rusher or flanker to stay afloat and not be killed. Laura has the Sharp Shooter skill which can add accuracy to the shot when using a scope. Obviously, this makes Laura very suitable for using sniper weapons.

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If you play as Laura, you must find the right position so that the enemy can not spot you and then, help the rusher or flanker when attacking.

DJ Alok

Next, there is DJ Alok who is an important character able to survive longer than the others. DJ Alok has the ability to run fast and has a healing effect for him and the teammates in his area. With these capabilities, of course DJ Alok is included in the support role that can easily add HP to the team during heated combat.

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Andrew is one of the characters with the best support role. Andrew has the Armor Specialist skill that is useful to make armor last long in battle. He can also be categorized as a tanker or rusher with his ability since he is able to last longer.

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The effect of the skill increases as the level goes up, so the higher Andrew's level is, the greater the ability he has.


Kapella is a fairly new character in Free Fire. This character is currently the best support you can play with. Kapella's ability can improve the healing of medic kits and treatment guns which can increase a lot of HP when your team uses this character.

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