Free Fire is a shooter... and in this kind of game, getting the initiative is super important. Even if your enemies have better weapons or armor than you, if you managed to catch them off-guard,   your chance of victory would be over the top. Even the best players could be killed with a bullet in the back.


In this article, we would list out the five most easy steps for you to surprise your foes.


1 - Scout the area around you carefully

Free Fire is usually played in 3rd person perspective. You need to learn to take advance of that fact to stand behind cover and try to peek around to see if there are enemies nearby. A scope could also be useful in this situation - you would be able to scout a much bigger area using it.


If you detected an enemy but are not spotted yet, you might want to spend a few moments carefully take your aim. Missing the first shots could cause your target to get away.

2 - Try to listen to footsteps and gunfire sound

This is a great clue for enemy presence in the vicinity. If you are able to hear enemies' approaching footsteps, prepare to fight. Always wear a headphone while playing Free Fire.

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3 - Use the high ground

High grounds are always the biggest terrain advantage you could get in a shooter... and Free Fire is not different. Usually, people would focus on what's on their eye level and not what's above them - it is unlikely that you would be detected.

Crouch or Prone while on the high ground would make it super hard for enemies to shoot you.


4 - Use baits

Vehicles and Crates are valuable items that people might try to get - you can take advantage of that fact and lay an ambush near the item, using them as bait.

5 - Don’t hesitate to retreat

If you screw up your opening and let your enemy get away or even fire back, it might be a good idea to just drop it and run. Some people would just engage the foe until one of them die... and this is often a bad idea.

However, if you are confident in your ability... you can just stay and finish them off, of course.

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