Cosmetics sets are one of the most essential parts of Free Fire. As the game is free-to-play, this is one of the main ways for Garena to make money. While gun skins have bonuses that affect gameplay... cosmetic skins do not. In fact, you can even say it is the reverse... as you are likely to be detected by your enemies while wearing flashy costumes.

Free Fire Incubator Dress
Free Fire Incubator Dress Wallpaper: The Incubator Jester sets

There are a lot of sources for costumes in Free Fire, from event rewards to diamond royale or gold royale... however, the rarest and best-looking costumes can only be found in Incubators. In this article, we would list out the top 10 Free Fire All Incubator Dress ever released in the game.

1 - Dino Rangers Incubator

The Dino Ranger Incubator is the first-ever Incubator dress bundle released in Free Fire. This bundle is inspired by children's one-piece pajamas - the theme is more geared toward "cute" rather than threatening. Overall, this is amongst the best bundles to wear if you want to joke around

Dino Rangers Free Fire

2 - Top Criminal Incubator

One of the most wanted incubator bundle ever in Free Fire. The top criminal bundle comes in five colors,  each set having a unique mask with unique expressions. This is definitely inspired by "The Dark Knight" movie's opening, with all the robbers in the gang wearing different clown masks.


3 - Wolf & Wizard Incubator

This is a pretty weird incubator, with all characters dresses in random weird looking themes. While the male bundle is armored from head to toe, the female bundle has no armor at all - it consists of only a hood and a dress. There are 3 colors for each set.

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4 - Spider's Nest Incubator

This is amongst the best Incubator in the game - both the male and female sets are fully armored from head to toe. This incubator came in 3 colors: grey, yellow and purple - the multiple eyes on their helmets are the reason why the bundles are called "Spider's Nest".

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5 - Jester's Manor Incubator

Jester's Manor Incubator is based on one of the most iconic horror symbol, the Killer Clown. All three pairs are super creepy, with the male set having glowing eyes. Overall, this is amongst the most wanted sets in Free Fire - there are 3 variants Gold, Red and Black.

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6 - Mystical Masters Incubator

This bundle is based on fictional martial art masters in China. Overall, the Mystical Master Incubator is one of the highest exposure bundle, with the male set wearing no top and the female set wearing only a bra. The best part of the bundle is probably the male set's glowing tattoo - it is a special particle effect. The bundle comes in 3 colors: White, Black and Blue.

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7 - Heart of Marionette Incubator

This is another horror-themed incubator bundle, with the male and female sets wearing marionette-inspired costumes. The bundle came in three styles: purple, red and blue. The red set actually diverged from the main theme - it is based on Japanese style puppets instead.

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8 - Blood Moon Incubator

One of the best Incubator sets ever released in game - the Blood Moon Bundle is based on a Japanese General's outfit. The best part of the set is probably the mask piece, with two long horns protruding out - this is probably based on the Japanese Oni

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9 - Samurai x Geisha Incubator

This bundle is more or less the same as the above, however, the main inspirations now are the wandering samurai and geishas. The best piece of the set is once again the hat and mask - it is suitable to mix with any other Japanese themed sets. This bundle comes in 3 variants: Red, White and Gold.

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10 - Rapper Underworld Incubator

The Rapper Underworld Incubator is amongst the best hip-hop themed bundle ever released in the game. It has three different styles with various themes and colors. The individual pieces of the sets are great to mix with other bundles as well - especially the bandana. Overall, this set is top tier amongst all incubator dress in Free Fire.

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This is the end of our list for the top 10 Free Fire All Incubator Dress. Check out this video for an useful Free Fire Incubator Spin Trick.

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